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Preview of our Software Tools 

CalcNTCP for computation of NTCP associated with radiotherapy 


Figure. The screen of CalcNTCP software showing the computation of NTCP for lung, associated with a radiation dose of 40 Gy to a partial volume (0.4). The right side panel of the screen is designed for use with customized values of n, m and TD50(1).  


 CalcDose for drug dosage conversions



Figure. CalcDose software showing the conversion of a 35 mg/kg dose for 250 g rat to an appropriate dose for a 60 kg man.


 CalcFisher for performing Fisher's exact test


Figure. CalcFisher software showing the computation of Fisher’s exact test P values.


 SCEW Add-in for creation of survival curves in Excel


Figure. Excel worksheet showing the methodology of data entry and program execution. After data entry, click ‘Survival Curve’ on the menu bar to prompt the ‘Input’ window. Select the data range of interest and then click the ‘OK’ button to create survival curve.  


Figure. Survival curve created by SCEW program.  


ArraySolver for color-coded display and analysis of gene expression data


Figure. ArraySolver’s display window showing color-coded gene expression of 2 groups.


ArrayVigil for statistical comparison of gene signatures.


Figure. ArrayVigil’s worksheet displaying the gene expression data of a signature as well as the functioning of software. After selecting the signature type using the option button, ‘Start’ button is clicked to activate input boxes. Clicking the ‘OK’ button executes the program and the results are displayed. 


Quantitation of Gastric Lesions An easy scanning method


Figure. Scanned images of indomethacin-induced (top left) and ethanol-induced (top right) gastric lesions in rats. Middle panel shows the same images after optimized background subtraction. The line graphs (lower panel) show the profiles of gastric lesions along the planar axis.


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