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We have developed following software for various biomedical applications. All these programs have been published in international journals and freely available to scientists on request.

CalcFisher for computing Fisher’s exact test.

CalcDose for drug dosage conversion.

ArrayVigil for comparison of molecular gene signature.

ArraySolver for microarray gene expression analysis.

ArrayShine for color-coded display of gene expression data.

SCEW for creation of survival curves. Installation guide.

CalcNTCP for selecting a safe radiation dose for cancer radiotherapy.

            Computer-assisted quantitation of gastric ulcers.

Our log-based formula has been used by the scientists of Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, USA, to develop a comprehensive epidemiological software [1] and ClinTools [2].

The computer-based methodology developed by us for the evaluation of gastric lesions has recently been used by other scientists for their research on novel pharmacotherapies for the treatment of gastric ulcers [3-6].

Scientists from different countries including USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia have shown their interest in these software tools for their research or teaching activities. These application programs are freely available to scientists and one of the software (with Russian help topics) is also available online at the website of Tomsk University, Russia [7] and has been utilized for clinical research [8,9] and patents [10].

1.      2 x 2 Table, Version 4.12.14

2.   ClinTools


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10. Detection and prognosis of lung cancer. 

11. Detection and prognosis of cervical cancer.


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