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Grammar 2

Course Syllabus

192 NAJD: Grammar 2

Instructor: Miss Hanouf Al-Muhaiza' a

Office: Nasiriyah building, Rm: 132

E-mail: hanouf.al-m@hotmail.com

Course hours: 2

Saturday 2:00- 4:00

Text: Interactions2 – Grammar, Middle East Edition

Course Description:

In this course, there is a high concentration on comparing between the 12 tenses of the English language. It will also focus on using the passive voice, infinitives, and gerunds.

Exams, Projects, and assignments:

There will be 2 mid-term exams, weekly assignments , and one extra-credit project.

1st Midterm: November 26th during class hours

2nd Midterm: January 28th during class hours


  • Participation 5%

  • Homework 5%

  • Midterms 40%

  • Final Exam 50%


There will be NO make-up participation marks, assignments, or –most importantly- midterms. Under exceptional circumstances and with appropriate written documentation (such as a doctor’s note), the weight of the missed midterm, homework, or participation mark will be moved to the final exam.


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