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Personal data

Full name: Hussain Ali Mohammad Al-Trabulsy.

Date of birth: 1962.

Place of birth: Makkah (Mecca) – Saudi Arabia.

Nationality: Saudi.

Marital status: Married .

Present Position: Lecturer at Physics and Astronomy dept., King Saud University (KSU), Saudi Arabia.

Address: P O Box 2455, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

Tel.: 01 4675638 (office), Fax: 01 4673656                        




- B.Sc. Physics, KSU

- M.Sc. Applied Astronomy, University of Durham, UK 

Title: " Investigation of some astronomical phenomena in medieval Arabic chronicles"

Supervisor: Prof. F.R. Stephenson

- Ph.D. Radiation Physics, University of Khartoum (co-supervision with KSU)

Title: "Assessment of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in the  Saudi Gulf of Aqaba and Northern Eastern Red Sea

Supervisors: Dr. Farouk Habbani and Dr. Ashraf Khater (KSU)


Teaching and other experiences

·     Lecturer for: Ast 101: introduction to solar and stellar system, Ast 102: general astronomy, Ast 131: spherical astronomy, Phys 101: general physics I (for Sciences and food sciences and Agriculture), Rad 101: radiation physics (for Nursing College), Phys 102: general Physics II (for physics, chemistry and geophysics), Phys 103: general physics I (for engineering and computer and Information science), Phys 104: general physics II (for engineering and computer and Information science), Phys 105: general physics I (for architecture and planning), Phys 145: general physics I (for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and applied medical sciences), Phys 201: mathematical physics I, Phys 395: Wave Physics laboratory, Phys 232: Wave Phenomena I.

·         Teaching different training courses related to astronomy, which were held through college of applied studies and community services.

·         Different activities for unit of astronomy such as: reception and explanation to the visitors to unit of astronomy (whether official delegations or students).

·         Responsible for astronomical packages, 1995-2002.

·         Responsible for astronomical observatories, 2005-Now.

·         Member of college of science exams committee, KSU, for academic year 2003/2004.

·         Astronomer consultant (partial) at King Fahad cultural center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1998-2002.

·         Member of the Commission of Academic Accreditation & Assessment in the physics and astronomy dept. 2012-now

·         Experience in solar photographing and astronomical images reduction.



Published works in refereed  journals

·        A.S. Kori, H.A. Al-Trabulsy, K. Al-Mosbeh, Um Al-Qura calendar through forty years, Aldarah journal, 30, 3, (1995).

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Solar and lunar eclipses records of Ibn Iyas's book "Badai alzoohr" comparative study with modern astronomical calculations, Aldarah journal, 31, 1, (1996).

·        H.H. Esenoglu, A.S. Kordi, A.M. El-Sherbini, V. Bakis, H.A. Al-Trabulsy, M.Y. Amin, K. Al-Mosbeh, Data reduction and application in astrophysics, the 3rd Saudi conference for science, March 10-13, (2007).

  ·         A. Elmhamdi, A. S. Kordi , H. A. Al-Trabulsy , M. El-Nawawy, K. Al-Mosbeh, IAU, commission 46, news letter 74, (5-8), March (2011).

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, A.E.M. Khater, F.I. Habbani, Radioactivity levels and radiological hazard indices at the Saudi coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 80, 343–348, (2011).

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, A.E.M. Khater, F.I. Habbani, Heavy elements concentrations, physiochemical characteristics and natural radionuclides levels along the Saudi coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 6, 183–189, (2013).

·        A. Elmhamdi , A. S. Kordi , H. A. Al-Trabulsy , M. El-Nawawy, A. A. Ibrahim, N. Bennessib, M. Sabour, Z.A. Al-Mostafa, Observations and Analysis of NOAA AR 11429 at KSU-Astronomical Observatory, New Astronomy 23-24  73–81,  (2013).

·         A. Elmhamdi, Paolo Romano, A. S. Kordi, H.A.Al-Trabulsy, Twist and writhe of the magnetic flux in the super active region NOAA11429, accepted in Solar Physics Journal.

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, A.E.M. Khater, S. S. Al-Ghamdi, F.I. Habbani, Radioactivity measurements in coastal samples using SSNTDs and correlation with radium content, to be submitted to the journal of radiation measurements.

·        Yu Liu, Tian Zhanjun, A. S. Kordi, H.A.AL-Trabulsy, A. Elmhamdi, The abnormal run-away in active region NOAA 11515, (work in progress).

Published works in general scientific journals

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Computation of Qibla direction, Afkar (journal of Saudi Mathematical Society), 2, 3, 1994.

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, S.W. Magrabi, Conversion between Hijri and Gregorian calendar, Afkar (journal of Saudi Mathematical Society), 3, 5, 1995.

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Computation of prayers times, Afkar (journal of Saudi Mathematical Society), 4, 7, 1996.

·        And several articles in AlFisal and AlArabia magazine



Published Books

·        Salah H. Ibrahim, S.W. Magrabi, H.A. Al-Trabulsy, What do you  know about comets? (book in Arabic), 143p, KSU press, 1986.

·        S.W. Magrabi, H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Calendars and their conversions (booklet in Arabic), KSU press, 1998.

·        H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Study and investigation of Ibn Afaliq's ancient manuscript "Sullam aloroj ila ilm almnazel wa alboroj سلم العروج إلى علم المنازل والبروج ", 160p, Safeer press, 2000. 

·        M.S. Al-Nawawy, A.S. kordi, H.A. Al-Trabulsy, Introduction to astronomy (text book in Arabic for courses: Ast 101, 102 and Phys 411), 278p, KSU press, 2011.



·        Measurements of natural radioactivity (mainly from U-238, Th-232 and K-40 radionuclides) and observing solar activity (such as sunspots active region, prominences, flares, surges, light bridges, coronal mass ejection and other activities) in order to find the possible long term correlation between them (i.e. natural radioactivity and solar activity). 

·        History of sciences, particularly that is related to astronomy and historical astronomical phenomena such as eclipses (whether for sun or moon), comets, meteors, meteors showers and sunspots.



·        The 2nd Arabic astronomical conference, Amman (Jordan), 8-10 Sep. 1997.

·        The 3rd Saudi conference for sciences, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), 10-13 March 2007.

·        International conference on Precision Measurements (ICPM), Ilmenau (Germany), 8-12 Sep. 2008


Training course

All training course were executed through Deanship of Skills Development at KSU.

 ·        Self development, 5-8 April 2008, for a total of 20 training hours.

·        The development of knowledge in the domain of specialization, 4-7 May 2008, 20 hours.

·        Constructing achievement tests, 20-21 Jan. 2009, 10 hours.

·        Construction of course portfolio, 31 Jan. – 1 Feb. 2009, 10 hours.


·        Preparing data using SPSS, 14-16 March 2009, 15 hours.

·        Team-Based Learning , 31 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2009, 8 hours.





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