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Academic and Administrative Contributions

Academic Portfolio:

I conducted my master's thesis on Post-colonial theatre and defended it on the 12th of April 2004. The title of my thesis was: The Struggle for Self-Identification in some of Derek Walcott's Plays.

In September 2004, I joined King Saud Univrsity as a faculty member, and as a doctorate student at the same time. I specialized in drama, and passed a comprehensive exam on American Literature and Modern American and British Drama. In the first semester of the academic year 2007/2008 my proposal for my dissertation as a completion of the requirements of the docotorate degree in literatue has been accepted by the graduate college, The title of my dissertation is: Wole Soyinka's Drama: A Model for Self Cultural Representation.  

Administrative Committees:

Since I joined the Department of English in the College of Arts in 2004, I have been in a number of committees.

1- The Academic schedule committee since 2005.

2- The add and drop committee since 2005.

3- The cultural comittee since 2007.

4- The Book-club committee since 2006.

Courses and Workshops:

I have certificates from the Deanship of Skills Development for attending the following workshops:

1- Designing and Building Testing Charts.

2- Motivating Students to Learn.

3- Planning an Effective Teaching Plan.

4- Incorporating Communicating Technologies with Academic Teaching.


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