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Hadeel M. Ayoub


Teaching Assistant (Demonstrator)

Dental Health Department

Dental Hygiene Program



Office: 01-4355010 ext. 872

Fax: 014540377 


P.O. Box: 241583  

Riyadh 11322

Saudi Arabia


·         Experienced in diagnosing all oral pathologic conditions.

·         Experienced in treating periodontal patients (non-surgical periodontal therapy).

·         Experienced in providing preventive dental treatment for all types of patients (pediatrics, adults, geriatrics, handicapped….etc.)

·         Expert in preparing and providing community-based programs in dental health education.

·         Expert in dealing with patients with special needs.

·         Capable to practice in office bleaching, administer local anaesthesia (both block and infiltration), and being a part in dental implants team.

·         Expert in teaching clinical applications to undergraduate students.

·         Capable of handling administrative work and writing reports.

·         Excellent communicator in Arabic and English.


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