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Abstract Title:

Oral health care and Dental Status of Children with Special Need in Private School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Authors, Department & institution:

Hadeel Ayoub, Dental Hygiene Intern, Dental Health Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University.

Dr. Kawkab A. Al-Turck  , Associate Professor, Dental Health Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University.




Todetermine oral health care and dental status of a group of children with special needs in a private school in Riyadh and to assess the role of the dental hygienist in promoting oral health care among this group of patients.

Method and Material:

The study was conducted in Al-Waleed Center for children with special needs in Riyadh city. A structured questionnaire including dental history, daily oral health care and dietary habits of the children were collected from the mothers. An oral examination was performed for each child using disposable examination kit. Gingival index, plaque index, "deft" and "DMFT" indices were recorded. Child behaviour during examination was evaluated. A lecture on oral health care was presented. A periodic recall visits at two weeks and four weeks were conducted. Oral hygiene instruction was provided for each child at each recall visit.



A total of (20) children with different disabilities were included in the study. Age range was 5-15 years. More than two thirds were with moderate disability. Seventy-five percent reported irregular dental care. Extraction was the treatment reported by 37.5% in their last dental visit and restoration for 31.3%. More than forty percent reported brushing 2/day. Fifty percent of them mouth cleaning was performed by caregivers. The majourity reported consuming daily cariogenic snacks, in both solid (75%) and liquid (68.8%) forms. The mean "DMFT" was 4.75; decayed component was the highest. 68.8% needed restorations and 31.3% extraction.



Frequent recall visits with reinforcement on oral hygiene care in short interval can improve oral health for disabled child. 

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