Literature & Articles: 

·        IEEE Xplore

Storehouse of academic articles.

·        ACM

The premier society in computing.

·        CiteSeer

Scientific Literature Digital Library.

·        Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature.

·        Science Link, Japan

Gateway to Japan’s Scientific and Tech. Info.


Speech Community:

·        ISCA

Int. Speech Communication Association.

·        ISCA Students

ISCA student chapter.

·        Speech Community, USM

Univ. of Southern Mississippi.


Upcoming Conferences Related to Signal, Speech & Image Processing

·        IEEE ICASSP2008

IEEE Int. Conf. on Audio, Speech and Signal Processing – March 30, 2008, Las Vegas, USA.

·        Interspeech2008

Largest int. conference on speech community – September 22, 2008, Brisbane, Australia.

·        NITS, CCIS, KSU

National IT Symposium, May 18, 2008, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

·        IASTED SIP2008

Signal & Image Processing, August 18, 2008, Hawaii, USA.

·        CISP2008

International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, May 28, 2008, China.


Transactions on Speech and Signal Processing: 

·        IEEE ASL

IEEE Transaction on Audio, Speech and Language Processing

·        IEEE Signal Processing

IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing

·        Speech Communication

Publication from ELSEVIER

·        Signal, Image and Video Processing

Springer Publication

·        Signal Processing

Publication from ELSEVIER

·        Advances in Signal Processing

European Journal on Signal Processing

·        Int. J. on Signal Processing (IJSP)

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)

·        IET Signal Processing

Former IEE publication

·        IEICE Transaction

IEICE Transaction, Japan



Fellowship and Scholarship:

·        JSPS Post Doctoral Fellowship


·        President’s Post Doctoral Fellowship Program

University of California

·        ESRC Post Doctoral Fellowship


·        FULBRIGHT Scholarship

US State Department

·        MONBUKAGAKUSHO Scholarship

Japan (for BS, MS and PhD)



·        Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop.

·        FreeDOS

A free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems.

·        Google Docs

Free web-based word processor and spreadsheet.

·        Virtual Machine Tools

The source for virtual machine tools & expertise.

·        LogMeIn

To access and control your PCs from anywhere.


Mathematical Tools (specially for signal processing):

·        Fourier Analysis and Data Filtering

Concept of DFT.

·        The Integrator

Online integration.

·        Maths Online

Maths links and online tools.


Free mathematical tools and calculator.

·        Engineering Tools

Mathematical tools for the engineers.

·        MathGrapher

The mathematical graphing tool.

·        Interactive Tools

Many interactive tools of mathematics.


Top 10 Universities in the USA, Canada and Australia:


1.  Princeton University

6.  California Institute of Technology

2.  Harvard University

7.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3.  Yale University

8.  Duke University

4.  Stanford University

9.  Columbia University

5.  University of Pennsylvania

9. University of Chicago


1.  University of Toronto

6.  Universite De Montreal

2.  University of British Columbia

7.  University of Waterloo Ontario

3.  University of Alberta  

8.  McGill University

4.  Simon Fraser University

9.  York University

5.  University of Calgary

10. Universite Laval


1.  Australian National University

6.  Monash University

2.  University of Melbourne

7.  University of Western Australia

3.  University of Sydney 

8.  University of Adelaide

4.  University of Queensland

9.  Macquarie University

5.  University of New South Wales

10. Queensland University of Technology