2nd Semester 1434-35H (2013-2014)
  • Master: CEN545 (Digital Image Processing)
  • Undergraduate: CEN455 (Introduction to Control Systems)
  • Undergraduate: CEN352 (Digital Signal Processing)
Master Thesis
  • CEN600: Image forgery detection based on texture descriptors
  • CEN600: Detection and/or Classification of Voice Pathology Using Feature Selection
  • CEN600: Automatic voice pathology detection based on vocal tract area measurement
  • CEN600: Automatic Pronunciation Error Detection of Non-native Arabic Speech (co-supervisor)
Ph.D. Thesis
  • CEN700: Voice pathology detection and classification (proposal not yet submitted), Ahmed AL Nasheri
Graduation Project 2:
  • CEN493: Implementation of voice pathology detection based using graphical user interface
Courses of interest
Digital Signal Processing (CEN352, CEN543, CEN643), Digital Image Processing (CEN545), Digital Speech Processing (CEN460), Introduction to Control Systems (CEN455), Pattern Recognition (CEN647),  Video and Speech Signal Processing (CEN645)
Courses taught before
  • CEN352, CEN455, CEN460
  • CEN543, CEN545
  • CEN643, CEN645