Course Details

Course Name:            Digital Image Processing

Course Number:         CEN546

Lecture given by:        Dr. Ghulam Muhammad
                                    Email: ghulam@ccis.ksu.edu.sa

Lecture Hour:     Every Monday from 3:45 - 6:15 PM


  • Physical descriptions of continuous image. 
  • Sampling and quantization of images, matrix formation of image.
  • Filtering, restoration and enhancement.
  • Feature extraction and scene analysis.


  1. Digital image fundamentals: image formation, sensing, sampling and quantization.
  2. Intensity transforms, histogram processing, spatial filtering.
  3. Filtering in frequency domain.
  4. Image restoration, noise reduction.
  5. Wavelets and multiresolution processing.
  6. Image compression.
  7. Morphological image processing.
  8. Image segmentation, edge detection.
  9. Image recognition.
  10. Image processing applications, TV signal transmission.

Marks Distribution



Two Midterm Exams


Final Exam


Recommended Text

  1. Rafael C. Gonzalez and Rechard E. Woods, "Digital Image Processing", 3E, Prentice Hall.


  • William K. Pratt, "Digital Image Processing", 3E, John Wiley & Sons.

Lecture Notes 

 Course Outline  Topic 1 Fundamentals
 Topic 2 Intensity, Histograms  Topic 3 Frequency Domain Filtering
 Topic 4 Filtering, Noise Reduction

 Topic 5 Color Image, Compression I

 Topic 6 Image Compression II  Topic 7 Wavelet I
 Topic 8 Wavelet II  Paper for Presentation
 Topic 9 Morphological IP  Topic 10 Image Segmentation