Course Details

Course Name:            Digital Image Prrocessing

Course Number:         CEN 545

Lecture given by:        Dr. Ghulam Muhammad
                                    Email: ghulam@ccis.ksu.edu.sa

Lecture Hour:     Every Saturday from 3:15 PM


  • Fundamentals of digital image processing. 
  • Mathematical derivation and its application on digital image processing.
  • Practice of digital image processing using MATLAB.
  • Advance study on some selected area, such as, image segmentation, feature extraction, and edge detection.


  1. Overview of digital image processing: Objectives, Needs, Applications.
  2. Simple image processing: transposing, cropping, flipping, etc. 
  3. Sampling and quantization.
  4. Convolution and Fourier transform.
  5. Histogram analysis. 
  6. Image segmentation using histogram analysis.
  7. Filtering and noise-reduction.
  8. Edge detection.
  9. Image feature extraction.
  10. Future direction of digital image processing 

Marks Distribution



Homework and Assignment 20%

Midterm Exam


Final Exam


Recommended Texts

  1. Digital Image Processing, William K. Pratt, John Wiley & Sons, 2001. [For softcopy, please contact with me.]
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, A. K. Jains, Prentice Hall, 1989.


  • Lecture notes given at each lecture.
  • Selected articles from journal publications. 

Lecture Notes 

 Lecture 1  Lecture 2
 Lecture 3 Lecture 4 
  Lecture 5  

Home Works

Home work I
Home work II
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