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CSC 541 papers -  Semester 1, 28-29


  • You may select from the sample papers given below for your paper presentation.
  • You may also select other papers in the area of XP and Pair Programming.

Shodan Metrics are also given for your project (the 2 top files in the list below).


XP_Shodan_Metrics_per_story.xlsXP_Shodan_Metrics_per_storyغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
Req_and_Shodan_Metrics_Definition.docReq_and_Shodan_Metrics_Definitionغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
XP by Lone Programmer.pdfXP by Lone Programmerغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
XP_Evaluation_Framewor_TR-2003-18.pdfXP_Evaluation_Framewor_TR-2003-18غازى محمد راتب عصاصه
XP_Evaluation_Framework _OOLang_TR-2003-20_3.pdfXP_Evaluation_Framework _OOLang_TR-2003-20_3غازى محمد راتب عصاصه
XP_Practices_ead0002.pdfXP_Practices_ead0002غازى محمد راتب عصاصه
Perception_XP_Exploratory_Study-p4-misic.pdfPerception_XP_Exploratory_Study-p4-misicغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
Hacknot - A Critical Look At Some Pair Programming Research.htmHacknot - A Critical Look At Some Pair Programming Researchغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
Agile_Practices_Student_Survey.pdfAgile_Practices_Student_Surveyغازى محمد راتب عصاصه
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