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Issues And Contemporary Problems In The Curriculum And Teaching

606  CI

Issues And Contemporary Problems In The Curriculum And Teaching

Number Of Units

2 Units


No previous requirement

Equivalent Course

No equivalents.


PhD graduate students

Abridged Contents

Highlight The Importance Of Studying The Problems Facing The Contemporary Curriculum, Reviewing The Most Important Research And Studies In The Curriculum And Teaching Comprehensive Issues And Problems Facing The Curriculum Learners And Teachers And Supervisors Educators At The Local, Arab And World, Including Suggestions And Solutions To These Issues And Problems.


1. Ability to identify problems and the most important contemporary issues in the curriculum and teaching at the local, Arab and global levels.
2. Know the impact of these problems and issues on the learners and teachers and supervisors educators, through analysis of a number of these issues and problems.
3. A number of appropriate solutions to those issues and problems.


1. Importance of examining issues and problems facing the contemporary curriculum and teaching.
2. Discuss key issues and problems in contemporary curriculum and Arab locally and globally.
3. To identify some problems and issues and contemporary experiences in curriculum and how it was addressed.
4. Compared to the size of certain problems in the curriculum locally counterparts in other countries, leading to propose some solutions to those problems and issues.

Teaching methods

Lecture, Debate, Case Study, training, workshop.




depends on the articles and studies, seminars and conferences than on specific references or books.


60% of the work of the student (discussion, a case study in teaching Arabic language, search, etc…) and 40% for the final test.


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