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Parallel Programming CSC 526

Concepts, Models and Paradigms


    Shared memory programming
• Processes and synchronization;
• Formal semantics of concurrent programs with shared variables;
• Synchronization mechanisms: locks, flags, barriers, condition variables, semaphores, monitors;
• Implementation of processes and synchronization.
Intel Multi-core Programming
• Win32 API threading.
• OpenMP.
• Parallelism in scientific computing
• Overview of parallel programming environments

Course Material

1. Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel and Distributed Programming, by G.  R. Andrews, Addison Wesley, 2000

2. Lecture slides

Course Layout 
  • Lab on Multi-threading
  • Assignments (3 small ones) 30%
  • Mid-term (To be announced) 30%
  • Final Exam (To be announced) 40%
  • Lectures (14)

Slides With the humble curtessy of Vladdimir Vlassov KHT/ICT/ECS VT 2008

 Lecture 01 Introduction  pdf
 Lecture 02 Processes & Synchronization  pdf
 Lecture 03 Locks  pdf
 Lecture 04 Barriers  pdf
 Lecture 05 Pthreads  pdf
 Lecture 06 Semaphores  pdf

 Lecture 07 Monitors

 Lecture 08 OpenMP  pdf

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