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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Short biography

Part I: Qualifications

1.      Sept. 1987: PhD in Computer Science

      Computer Science Department, Loughborough Univ., England.This PhD thesis was about the design and implementation of several parallel and systolic programs, including numerical and non-numerical algorithms. The main objective of the work was the establishment of new methodologies that led to the design of the most effective parallel programs. Theoretical and experimental results were included in the thesis as to support our parallel design methodologies.

2.      Dec. 1983: MSc in Computer Science

Computer Studies Department, Aston Univ. in Birmingham, England.The MSc program at Aston University was organized as follow: Some compulsory courses, some optional courses and a research thesis. The taken courses were Advanced Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Information Management Systems and Simulation. The MSc. thesis was on the study and simulation of the Dynamic Memory Allocation Techniques. 

3.      Jun. 1982: TOFEL & CFCE

Bell School of English, Norwich, England.This is a one-year English program providing skills in speaking, writing and reading the English language. The results were successful by passing two major tests: TOFEL and the Cambridge First Certificate in English.

4.      Jun. 1981: BSc in Computer Science

Computer Science College, Constantine Univ., Algeria.The BSc was a five-year program that included a final year project. The course I have taken during this BSc program were:  Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Logic Design, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, Abstract Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Information Systems, Dynamic Programming, Operating Systems, Graph Theory, Computation Theory, Programming Language Design, Compiler Design, Intercommunication Networks, File Management Systems, Database Management Systems, Command Optimization, some compulsory courses in Mathematics, some compulsory courses in Chemistry and some compulsory courses in Physics. The final year project was on the design and implementation of a Time-Shared Operating System (TSS) on the CII-125 Batch platform.


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