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Published Articles:

“The Changing Phases of Arbitration in Saudi Arabia”. The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (1997) 63, JCI Arb.2.

Materials on “The Legal Aspects of Banking Credit” which are taught at the Institute of Banking (SAMA 1997).

“The Judiciary in Saudi Arabia”. Arab Law Quarterly, (1998).

“Insurance: The Islamic Prospective and its Development in Saudi Arabia”. Arab Law Quarterly, (1999).

Translation of the Eritrea - Yemen Arbitration Award (English to Arabic).

“Digital Signatures and the Liabilities Arising Out of Their Certification” Journal of Law, Kuwait University (No.2-Vol.28 June 2004).


The Internet is an insecure means of communication in which to conduct business.The introduction of digital signature technology is a way of achieving security and hence, creating a secure environment in which trading could be transacted electronically.   Digital signature is a very good means of authenticity for two people who do not know each other to have dealings together.However, it is necessary to introduce a third trusted person into the digital signature operation in order to identify the two parties to each other.This third party is a Certification Authority, who issues certificates which identify the signer and give the public key to verify the signature.  Playing this role the Certification Authority face an extremely large liability risk arising out of the issuance of inaccurate certificates.The aim of this study is to define the nature of this liability and examine the extent of which such liability can be limited by the general principles of torts or by contractual limitation of liability or even by the enactment of legislation.


"Laws and By-Laws of Banking Credit in Saudi Arabia," (King Saud University Press, Riyadh, 2002) Published as  part of a series issued by the Higher Education Ministry and Saudi Universities, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the reign of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahad bin AbdulAziz.

"Electronic Payment Systems, Legal Prospective," (Research Centre, King Saud University, Faculty of Law, College of Administrative Sciences, 2005).


The emergence of the internet has brought about changes to many aspects of life that people are accustomed to; money is one of these aspects.   Societies have been used to dealing with money for hundreds of years.   The internet enabled people to conduct distant commercial transactions very easily.This has put a persistent need to establish a safe payment system to be used for payments over the internet.Many attempts have been put forward to modify some banking payment methods, such as, cheques, credit cards and banking transfer, so as to be suitable for payment via the internet.Furthermore, there have been attempts to replace money as we know it, with digital money, which can be transferred via the internet and in some instances these forms of digital money systems can be used peer to peer.  This Article is an attempt to identify  these methods of  payment and to analyze the legal impact of such change.

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