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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Name: Mohammad S. Makki.

Academic Position: Proffesor.

Occupation: Staff Memmber. 

Place of work: Dept.of Geography,College of Arts,King Saud University,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Qualification: M.A. & Ph.D. in Urban Geography from Durham University, U.K., in 1975 ,1979 respectively.

Main Jobs:

·        Deputy chairman of the Dept.of Geography,King Saud University(11/3/1982- 3/2/1984).

·        Chairman of the Dept. Of Geography,King Saud University(3/2/1984- 17/10/1986; 30/11/1989 – 15/11/1993).

·        Chairman of many committees such as: Riyadh City research committee, Organizing committee of the second symposium for geographers in Saudi universities,  sientific committee of the third Arab geographers symposium.

·        Work in the Saudi Geographical Society since its first constituent assembly as a chairman,vice-chairman,treasurer, first secretary.

·        Chairman of the Reseach Centre at the College of Arts,King Saud University.

·        Chairman of co-operative Training committee in the Geography Department,King Saud University between 1998- 2004.

·        Chairman of the scientific committee of the 9th Symposium of geography departments in Saudi Universities in 2006.

·        Editor-in Chief of the Geography Research Bulletin, SGS, since 1989.

·        Editor-in Chief of the Geography Stusies Bulletin, SGS, since 1991.

·        Editor-in Chief of the Arabian Journal of GIS, SGS, since 2006.

·        Member of the eitorial board of Aldarah Magazine between 1995-1999.

·        Chairman of  the unit of Places names,SGS,since 1999.

·        Member of the National Committee for anotating Places' names, since 2007.

·        Member of the Advisory board of the Journal of Medina Reaearch and Studies centre, since 2001.

·        Member of the coordinating council to monitor the municipal election in 2005.

Scientific Research: Published many works in urban geography, Hajj geography, population geography,cultural geography. Example of these studiea are:


-  Makki,M.S.,1979,"Mutawifs in Mecca", The Geographical Magazine,Vol, 11(6),p.439.

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   Humaines,Liban,Vol.3,pp.17- 28. 

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 - Makki,M.S.,1408,”Public Gardens Distribution in Medina”,Al-Darah,Vol.14,No.1,pp.192-207(in Arabic).

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 -Makki,M.S.,1415,”Geographical Distribution of Mosques in Riyadh City”,Social Science Research,No.31,Um-AlQura Univ.,Makkah (in Arabic).

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- Makki,M.S.1420,Studies on Waqf,Riyadh.

Medals and Decorations:

1-Medal guests of Medina Award, 1997.

2-holds an Order of King Abdul Aziz, first class on 2000, in appreciation of the efforts made in the work of the Preparatory Committee and the Scientific Committee occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3 -got the shield and certificate of honor from Medina Literary Club in honor of His Royal Highness Prince Miqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in appreciation of the contribution to the cultural and geographical research, 2001.

4-got the estimate Shield of the Syrian Geographic Society on the occasion of participating in a symposium on Saudi Gazetteer and Syrian Gazetteer and strengthening the ties between Saudi Geographical Society and Syrian Geographical Society,02/08/2001.

5-got the shield and certificate of honor from Saudi Geographical Society on the occasion of the third Forum of the Geographical Arab Symposium in recognition of the scientific production, which reflects the originality of geographical thought and addition to a distinct geographical culture, 2004.

6- expert testimony in the urban geography from the Biographical Center, Cambridge, 2005.

7 -Certificate of 2005'man from the American Biographical Institute   (ABA) for the efforts of the long-serving Saudi Geographic Society.

8 -Annual World Plateau Prize for Education for the effective contribution in teaching geography, 2006.

9 -gold medal and certificate of global decision made by the American Biographical Institute in recognition of the service offered to the Saudi Geographical Society for 25 years (01/19/2007).

10-Prize of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities in its 7th circle in 1428 A.H./ 2007 A.M.: Second prize in the field of regional planning and urban research on: "The impact of regulations on the division of land in the urban growth Medina".

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