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Mission & Vision       


King Saud university created since 50 years ago,  Baccalaureate nursing programs are located in 5 years colleges and universities. The curriculum offer courses in the various nursing branches, sciences, humanities of nursing. Graduates must fulfill both degree requirements of the college or university and nursing program before being a warded a baccalaureate degree. The usual degree awarded is Bachelor of Science of Nursing (B S N).                                                                       

   Mission of NURSING Collage:

The College of Nursing empowers undergraduate students with the knowledge, discipline, caring, and skills to provide healthcare for individuals, families and communities. Its Mission is also to generate and expand nursing knowledge, and provide health care and service to the community.


Vision of NURSING Collage:

The college of Nursing is dedicated to be learning Institution in nursing sciences that produces professionals with strong ethical value who are Capable of providing compassionate patient care of internationally accepted standards of excellence, in both the community and hospital settings and able to function within the social and cultural context of the community.


• To provide educational programs which are oriented towards the needs of the society and also adhering to high international quality standards.                  .

To foster educational and research programs.
• To develop maintain and upgrade the skills of nurses currently practicing in the Middle East, Arab world

and Saudi ArabiaTo develop, maintain and upgrade the skills of the students and support them with the

developments in the technological sector.

• To challenge and equip students to be critical, independent learners both at university and throughout life.

In today's health care area, the nurse is faced with increasingly complex issues and situations resulting from advanced technology, greater acuity of patients in hospital and community settings, an aging population, and complex disease processes, as well as ethical and cultural factors. Traditionally, nurses have used a problem-solving approach in planning and providing nursing care. Today descion-making part of problem solving has become increasingly complex and requires critical thinking.

New approach in Nursing Education: Critical thinking is a multidimential skill, a cognitive or mental process or set of procedures. It evolves reasoning and purposeful, systematic, reflective, rational, outcome-directed thinking based on body of knowledge, as well as examination and analysis of all available information and ideas. Critical thinking leads to the formulation of conclusion and the most appropriate, often creative, decisions, options, or alternatives. Critical thinking includes metacognition, the examination of one's own reasoning or thought process while thinking, to help strengthen and refine thinking skills.

Nursing practice today's society mandates the use of high level critical thinking skills within the nursing process and ensuring the successful use of clinical pathways.



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