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Self Study


Faculty of Nursing

Tanta University


January 2006


From the chair person of Self Study


The establishment of an independent agency for quality assurance and accreditations is one of the key pillars of the national reform plan in Egypt. Our project, which is funded by HEEPF and is concerned with total quality management center in Tanta University (TU_QMC) started since one year and its real outputs became a reality. (Project code: B-014-S0)


The first phase of the project includes creating and installing of the center followed by awareness, initiating culture of quality, and designing and organizing workshops for all faculty members confronting the issue of quality assurance in general and stressing on course and program specifications. The self-study of the Faculty of nursing is one of the major outputs of the project.


I am delighted and extremely proud of the faculty task force group who carried out this study. I would like express my gratitude to all faculty members, who have contributed to this task, particularly for designing, distribution and collection of answers of the extensive questionnaires and spending a considerable part of their valuable time on interviews and focus group discussions to brainstorm and propose corrective actions for the educational concerns.


Special thanks are owed to Prof. Dr. Helmy Shalaby, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, and all the staff members at the Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University. Their enthusiasm and support of all the quality process are greatly appreciated.


Special thanks are owed to Dr. Magdy H. Balaha, one of the members of the project and the coordinator of the Nursing quality team and all the team of Quality at the Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University. His effort in the design of the questionnaire collecting evidence, meetings and the final analysis of data are greatly appreciated.


I would also like to thank the students whose contributions were extremely beneficial. We truly appreciated their serious approach and dedication to the project despite their initial surprise.



Prof. Dr. Mohamed N El Gharib

Executive Director of the project management Unit

Tanta University


28 January 2006


General Information



Institution’s name: Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University

Address: Tanta, Al Geish st., Medical Campus, 31111, Egypt

Web page:


Key persons                    

DEAN: Prof. Dr. Helmy Shalaby  

Tel: (+2040) 3344935        Fax :(+2040) 3344935        


VICE DEAN: Prof. Dr. Ikbal El Shafie

Tel: (+2040) 3344935        Fax :(+2040) 3344935        



Basic Information about Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University


Implementation date of Bachelor regulation:  1982

Implementation date of Graduate regulation:  2000

Number of students in Bachelor level: 1198       

Number of students in Graduate level: 65      

Number of students in Open education: 0     

Number of students in Diploma: 0                 





Task Force Group



Mohamed N. El Gharib M.D.

Executive Director of the project management Unit


Chairman of task force


Helmy Shalaby M.D.

Dean of Faculty of Nursing


Co-Chairman of task force


Ikbal Elshafie, PhD

Vice dean of Faculty of Nursing


Associate Chairman of task force

Magdy Hasan Balaha, M.D.

Ass. Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynecology




Allyia Mohammed Al refaee, PhD


Member of Task Force

Nagwa Ragab Attia, PhD


Member of Task Force

Nagfa Hafez El mahdy, PhD


Member of Task Force

Essmat Mohamed Gemaeyُ, PhD


Member of Task Force

Samar Hosny Ghadery, PhD


Member of Task Force

Azza Al adham, PhD


Member of Task Force

Hoda Aly El ebiary, PhD


Member of Task Force & Statistical analysis

Mohamed Romeah (Employee)


Data collection

Saied Elmalky (Employee)


Data collection

Medhat Elmalky (Employee)


Data collection








Chapter I: Introduction



1. Historical Background



2. Executive summary



3. Methodology



4. Components of self study



Chapter II: Fact Findings



● Mission & objectives


● Governance & Administration


● Educational program


● Academic staff/ faculty


● Students


● Research and community services


● Educational resources


● Alumni


● Performance Appraisal



Chapter III: Summary, conclusions and recommendation



Chapter IV: List important tables and figures


Chapter IV: List of Annexes





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