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C .V.






Curriculum Vita


Name: Essmat Mohamed abd El kawy Gemaey

Marital Status : Married


Telephone Number 014356144

Mobil Number 0543356312

YEAR Degree

2005 Diploma of psycho geriatric has been obtained in

2004 Doctorate of Nursing Science (DNS)

Ain Shams University

2002 Toefl international Score 533

1997 Master degree (M.S.N)

. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Master degree of Nursing from Alex. Faculty of Nursing, with excellent degree in Psychiatric Nursing, has been obtained in 24-6-1997.

1989 Bachelor of Nursing science, Tanta University

Present and previous post

1-2006: Assistant Professor of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing King Suad University. Till now

2-2004-Lecturer of psychiatric Nursing Tanta University Faculty of Nursing From 29-9-2004 Tell Now

3 1998-Assistent Lecturer of psychiatric Nursing Tanta University Faculty of Nursing from 12-8-1998

4-Clinical instructor of psychiatric Nursing Tanta University Faculty of Nursing from 8/1/199 1

5-Intern ship in Tanta University Hospital during the Period 1-9-1989: 31-8-19



Training /Courses/Symposia at King Saud University

Community and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Saud University) 472 nurs.)

Socio-culture variation in health .471 nurs .

Concepts of mental health .474 Nurs

Fundamental of nursing 122 Nurs

Health assessment 230 Nurs.

Primary health care 473Nurs.

Emergency nursing 488Nurs

Training /Courses/Symposia

Master Courses:

-Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (Tanta University) Egypt.

Bachelor Degree:

-Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (Tanta University) Egypt.

-Fundamental of Human Behavior

-Human Behavior in Illness

Membership of professional Societies

Reviewer at International Journal of US-China Medical Science

Member of National commission of accreditation in higher education at Egypt, develop self study, course specifications and annual faculty report of faculty of nursing .Tanta University.

Membership of implementation team in putting academic reference stander for nursing in Egypt

Supervisor at Faculty & Leader Ship development Project at quality development center at Tanta

Member of administrative team of Tanta faculty club represent faculty of nursing among university faculties

Board member of official association of Alzheimer Algharbia governorate

Board member of official association of liver and environment

member of official association of children with special needs


The impact of stress management intervention on the quality of life of Saudi Female patients with metabolic syndrome at Al-Solimania Primary Health Care Center.4th international conference of biomarkers .King Saud University from 4 to 6-5-2010

Emotional reaction of nurses towards patients with suicidal attempt ,Saudi Medical Journal(under printing )

Identification of factors associated with maternal satisfaction with primary health care center in Riyadh City Saudi Medical Journal(under printing )

The impact of elder abuse of their satisfaction toward life First conference, college of nursing, Tanta University.2007

Effect of an educational intervention for psychiatric nurses on their knowledge about management of violent patients in Tanta Mental Health Hospital. 4th international conference,2007 Alexandria University.

The development of evidence based psycho-educational of families with mental ill patients, Medical Journal of Cairo university 2006

Worries & Concerns of diabetic Pregnant woman published at, Bulletin of High Institute of Public Health, Vol.35,no,3 2005.

present talk about, Qualities and accreditation in nursing faculties ,published at Zagazig university conference 3/4/2006

Present talk about, Improving critical thinking in nursing practice ,published at Zagazig university conference 3/4/2006

Professional activities

1 -Supervisor on master thesis Titled Emotional Reaction of Nurses towards Patents with suicidal Attempt

2-Supervisor on doctor thesis Titled schizophrenic patient ability to recognize symptoms of relapse and their action Taken

3-Attend the Seventh International Nursing Congress October l8/: 20 —2003

4-Attend 8th International Nursing Congress 27/29-11-2004

5-Attend Introductory Work shop on Evidence based nursing Practice 5-1-2005

6-Attend women health & Quality of Life Congressl7/18-3-


7-Attend & Present paper about worries & Concerns of

diabetic Pregnant woman at 9th Pan Arab Conference on

Diabetes 22/25-3-2005 Cairo Egypt

8-Attend the Scientific Conference of Liver & Environment (Risk & Solution) 14/15-4-2005

9-Attend Symposium Program Therapeutically diabetes

Education for Youngsters & their families 3/5-5-2005

10-Attend First National Congress about development of Education 28/29-5-2005

11-Attend & Participate on Work Shop about development of psychiatric Nursing Curriculum at Egyptian Universities 8-6-2005`

12- Participate on Work Shop about Academic reference standards at Faculty of nursing Alexandria University 2006

13- Participate on (the impact of nursing regulations on patient safety),5 credited CPD hours at Al-Riedh intercontinental


14-active participant and present paper at annual conference at Armed Force medical service department 1-2 /4/2007 at Al-Riedh intercontinental

15-Attend, 4th international nursing symposium, Medical services department, Riyadh Military Hospital,30-31-10-2007

Faculty & Leadership development Project (FLDP) (Total quality management project in Egypt)

1-participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about Effective Communication from 9/12-4-2005

2 participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about Effective Presentation of lecture from 23/24-4-2005

3- Participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about curriculum design from 6:9/8/2005

4- Participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about scientific research from 13:16/8/2005

5- Participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about ethical code of professionalism from 3:5/9/2005

6- Participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about preparation of supervisor, implementation team from 6:9/8/2005

7- Participate in Faculty & Leader Ship development Project about quality assurance and accreditation from 10:12/6/2006

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