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King Saud University

College of Nursing

       Mid-Term Examination


Course Title:

Socio-cultural Variation in Health


Course Number: NUR 471

Department: Nursing

Date: / / 1427 H

Time Allowed: 1 Hour


Course Instructor: Dr. Essmat gemaey



Student’s Name-----------------------------


Student’s Number--------------------------


Student’s Final Grade--------------------- 




answer the following questions Please



Part I. Multiple Choices(4 degree)

For each of the following questions, select the most appropriate answer


1-The process of socialization or learning the

conceptual and behavioral system of one’s culture is called

a. Acculturation 

b. Enculturation.

c. Culture shock.

d. Ethnicity.


2-During the second phase of culture shock,

a person experiences all the following except

a. Loneliness.

b. Anxiety.

c. Excitement.

d. Embarrassment.


3-Assuming that all members of a culture of ethnic

group are alike, is called

a. Ethnocentrism.

b. Stereotyping.

c. Racism.

d. Acculturation


.4- One of the following is not characteristics of culture


a. Culture is learned.

b. Culture is social.

c. Culture is adaptive.

d. Culture is segregated.




  Part 2

choose suitable answer  from column (a) to column (b)(4 degree)


Column  B

Column    A

Anxiety and somatic complaints followed by dissociation caused from possession by ancestral spirits; Korea




Negative preconceived opinions about

Other people or groups based on hearsay, perception, or emotion




Pressure in the head, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and visual complaints believed to result from too much thinking; West Africa

Brain fag


Characterized by homicidal frenzy followed by amnesia; many different culture

- Prejudice






Write short notes onL (7 degree)



1- In seeking knowledge about specific cultural groups, there are four stages that a nurse goes through----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:

2-What is  mnemonic "ASKED" represents----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                   -3-   Second phase of  culture shock







Good Luck




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