Dr.Mustafa A. Gassem        د. مصطفى بن عبده قاسم  

Associate Professer of            
Food Biotechnology   
Deparment of Food Science and Nutrition
College of Food Sciences and Agriculture
King Saud University

Office: Building: (2)       Office No.: 1 A 41


E-mail:   magassem@ksu.edu.sa or mgassem@sfda.gov.sa

Phone(s): + 966 1 4678715
                 + 966 1 4678407
          + 966 1 4678394

       King Saud University 
       P. O. Box 2460 
       Riyadh 11451 

       Kindom of  Saudi Arabia 




Ph.D.    Food Science and Technology, Food Biotechnology
University of Georgia, Athens USA
. Nov, 1994

Food Science and Technology
University of Georgia, Athens USA
. Jun, 1990

Food Science Department
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May, 1985


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