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CSC523  Distributed UNIX Operating System

Dr. Abdulkader Al-Fantookh

First Semester, 1422-1423H


Credit :  3-credit hours.

Time   : 

Tel. No: 467-6585


Fax.     : 467-5423

Office  : 4AA97



As distributed UNIX has become a (if not the) de facto standard in the industry, a course focusing on UNIX and its distributed features seems necessary for an application-oriented MS program. As a result, this course has as a first objective to introduce the basic concepts upon which distributed systems at large and distributed operating systems in particular rely. The overall architecture of distributed systems along with their different components are then studied in depth, with a focus on design issues, design problems, solutions and performance issues. A term project will help cement the acquired theoretical concepts.


Course Outline


1      Distributed UNIX Operating Systems

1-1  Introduction

1-1-1  Concepts and Definitions

1-1-2  Architecture of Distributed Systems

1-2  Control in Distributed Systems

1-2-1  Centralized Versus Distributed,

1-2-2  Concept and forms of Transparency in distributed System

1-2-3  Naming Concepts

1-2-4  Classification and implementation of different naming schemes


1-3   Inter process Communication:


1-3-2Mechanisms and Implementation

1-3-3Resource Allocation and Implication on Load Sharing

1-3-4Load Balancing

1-3-5Process Migration

1-4  Clock Synchronization:


1-4-2Problems and Solutions

1-5Concurrency Control in Distributed Environments:


1-5-2Approaches and Implementation


Text Books:

1.A.S. Tannenbaum , Modern Operating Systems, Prentice Hall

2.G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore, T. Kindberg Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design, Addison Wesley.
3. C, Brown, UNIX Distributed Programming, Prentice Hall.

4. Selected papers

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