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Chemical Engineering 561: Selected Topics

   Instructor: Dr. Fahad S Al-Mubaddel, Office 2B35

          Phone:  4676848/0505576380

Text Book: Principles of Polymer Systems, 3rd – 6TH Edition
By: F. Rodriguez
 Hemisphere Publishing Co.
References: Elements of Polymer Science by A. Rudin
Polymer Science by Billmeyer
Transport Phenomena  (Bird,  Stewart, Lightfoot)
Description: The  course is intended for a broad cross-section of chemical engineers  working/interested in  polymer science & engineering: chemistry, physics, and  mechanical properties. This course is intended for  graduate students who have not previously taken a course in polymers.
Plastics, rubbers, proteins, epoxies, networks, and such are polymeric materials, because all of these materials have many ("poly") small repeat units ("mers") covalently bonded together. This course deals with polymers in  the following states: solution (for example viscosity modifiers in motor oil), the crystalline state (porous membranes for drug delivery), the glassy state (sports goggles), and the rubbery state (bands, contact lenses). Class demonstrations and laboratory exercises will demonstrate the fascinating thermal, structural, and mechanical properties of polymers.  Tentative weekly distribution of lectures/subjects is given in the next page.


Week Subject Comments
1 The Scope of Polymeric Materials General Intro & Historical Background
2 Classification of Polymers Way of making; Chain arrangement; M. Wt. DP; Processability,behavior
3 Polymerization Reactions: Step-Growth Involves Kinetic Analysis
4 Polymerization Reactions: Free Radical (Chain), functionality/equal Reactivity  
5 Polymerization Reactors Focus on PO’s, PS,PET,PVC
6 Polymer properties: M.Wt.  (TEST I) Number,Weight, Volume, and overall (z) avg.M.Wts.
7 Polymer properties: M.Wt. Measurements Survey of Equipment Used
8 Polymer properties: Glass Transition, Melting and Crystallization  
9 Dynamics of Polymeric melts and Solutions I Conservation EQNS.; Shell balances, and Navier Stokes EQN. EOC,EOM, EOE
10 Dynamics of Polymeric melts and Solutions II Viscosity and Rheology
11 Polymers Under Use: Visco-elastic Models  
12 Polymers Under Use  
12 Polymers Under Use: Degradation and Stability  
13 Polymer Characterization Thermal, Mechanical,…etc
14 Polymer Processing: Extrusion/Extruder Design.  

AS SEEN ABOVE; Two Midterms and a term project/experimental/numerical, or theoretical are required in addition to a final exam.

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