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Grammar I


Course number & Code : Najd 191

Level: One

Contact hours: 2

Textbook: INTERACTIONS 1/ GRAMMAR/ Middle East Edition

Chapters to be covered: 6 to 8

Instructor: Dr. Faisal Al-Qahtani





Content and objectives:

The course aims at

1.      Providing pre-intermediate students with knowledge of the basic structures of English in context.

2.      Verb tenses are given pre-eminence as one of the objectives of the course is to enable students to express themselves confidently while making clear and appropriate time reference to the past, present and future.

3.      The course also covers nouns, definite and indefinite articles, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs.

4.      Students will be trained to identify and use simple sentences, simple sentence types, coordinate sentences and complex sentences. The students will be also taught their uses and their forms in the affirmative, negative, interro-negative, and imperative.

5.      The course is expected to contribute to students’ accuracy in speaking and writing.

6.      It also aims to help students read and listen without experiencing many grammatical difficulties that may stand as a major obstacle to processing meaning.


Weekly schedule


Week 1:           Introduction

Skills: The constituents of the simple sentence in English

Week 2:

Chapter One:   School Life Around the World

Skills: The verb “Be”, the simple present, personal pronouns, possessive adjectives.

Week 3:

Chapter Two: Experiencing Nature

Skills: Use of “There is”, “There are”, Questions with ‘whose’ and possessive nouns, the present continuous tense and non-action verbs, Modal auxiliaries ‘can’, ‘may’, might’ and ‘will’.

Week 4:

Consolidation exercises of what was seen in chapters One and Two

Week 5:

Chapter Three: Living to Eat or eating to Live

Skills: Nouns and expression of quantity, comparisons, Model verbs in requests, offers, and permission.

Week 6:

Chapter Four: In the Community

Skills: Future verb forms, Phrasal verbs, Prepositions of place and time, articles.

Week 7

Consolidation exercises of what was seen in Chapters Three, and Four.

Midterm test

Week 8

Chapter Five: Home

Skills: The simple past tense, “used to”.

Week 9

Chapter V:      Home

Skills: Regular verbs, irregular verbs, and connecting words. Consolidation exercises.

Week 10

Chapter Six:    Cultures of the World

Skills: The present perfect tense, superlatives, Comparison with so, too, neither, either

Midterm test

Week 11

Consolidation exercises.

Week 12

Chapter Seven: Health

Skills: Verb + Object + Infinitive, Modal verbs:

should, ought to, had better, have to, and must.

Weeks 13 and 14

Consolidation exercises for chapter seven.



Note: Teachers are encouraged to supplement the material in the textbook in use with material from other grammar books. They are also expected to draw students’ attention to the grammatical differences between Arabic and English in an incidental manner.

Coordination between teachers of language skills is necessary, so that any common grammar errors are dealt with in the various language courses.

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