Abdelazeem Ali Eldawlatly

Male 63 yrs

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Since I obtained the M.M.B.CH in September 1978 I am working in university

hospitals in Egypt, Germany and Saudi Arabia. During the residency in anesthesia I

was working in Assiute university hospitals in Egypt from 1979 to 1982 where

I obtained the MSc in anesthesia in April 1982. Then I was appointed as assistant

lecturer in anesthesia in Zagazig university hospitals from 1982 to 1987 where

I obtained the M.D in anesthesia in November1986 and I was appointed in the same

year as lecturer in anesthesia.


From 1984 to 1986 I was working in Germany, Bonn University, Anesthesia Institute as researcher and trainee. There I have been through all branches of clinical anesthesia and finally I finished my thesis on Brain Monitoring under Anesthesia, the head of anaesthesia department at that time was Professor Dr.med. Horst Stoeckel who was also the supervisor of my M.D thesis.


Anesthesia Institute in Bonn University is the most famous highly developed and qualified hospital in Europe.  In Germany I practiced all kinds of anesthesia in different subspecialties including cardio-thoracic, vascular neuro, general, orthopedic, pediatric, plastic, gynecology and obstetrics.


From 1988 to 1989 I worked in Al-Noor Hospital in Abu Dhabi U.A.E as specialist.


Since 1989 I am working at King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh as senior registrar then from 1993 as consultant in the department of anesthesia in the same hospital. As consultant I am currently in charge of anaesthesia in the general thoracic surgery list as well as anaesthesia in vascular surgery list.


At King Khalid hospital I have introduced the first interpleural analgesia procedure for upper abdominal surgery. My research in thoracic anaesthesia has got wide international acceptance since the publication of a new method of anaesthesia in patients with myasthenia gravis, which was published in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Journal 1994 and was in the suggested readings by the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Atlanta 1995.


Also I have introduced a new instrument in anaesthesia for Bronchopulmonary lavage, named Modified CPAP system and was published in the Middle East J of Anesthesiology in 1996. Above all my research in brain monitoring under anaesthesia is still going where I published two papers till now and another research on Sevoflurane anaesthesia is coming soon to an end which I am sure it will be a good addition to the field of anaesthesia.


Again in neuro-anaesthesia I worked hard where I have some publication in clinical neuro anaesthesia. A new method of anaesthesia in Ventriculoscopy in pediatric patients with hydrocephalus is now introduced in our hospital with very encouraging results and it was published in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery journal. The work published in Neuroendoscopy is recognized in the whole world by neuroanesthesiologists. Since 1990 I am doing one neuro anaesthesia list at King Khalid University hospital. To date I anaesthetized many cases of cerebral aneurysm as well as many pediatrics posterior fossa and V-P shunt surgery. Recently I have participated in the 2nd Saudi International Neuroendoscopy Surgical Hands-On Workshop 5-6Dec 1998, at Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, as speaker on the anaesthetic considerations in 3rd Ventriculostomy. Only 3 speakers were involved among them Prof.Perneczky from Germany


Since March 1997, I am in charge of the department mortality and morbidity meetings. We have created a new web site on the Internet for morbidity and mortality, http// triplem.onelist.com. Also I have structured three other websites namely: thoracicanesthesia, neuroanesthesia and morbid obesity.yahoogroups.com.


In the field of thoracic anesthesia, I was appointed as in charge of this service since 1993. Recently we have conducted the first course in thoracic anesthesia where 17 candidates have participated. During the course we have addressed different methods of lung isolation techniques and treatment of hypoxemia during one lung ventilation. Also a workshop was done in two sessions where the candidates have performed double lumen, Univent and Arndt BB intubation themselves on manikins.  My newly born article was recently accepted in the Internet J of Anesthesiology where a new method of intubation was described using what we called: WuScope-Univent Technique for Difficult Airway. It has been published in 2002, 6(1). Special event was in Paris WFSA April 2004 where I was given one hour in meet expert session to give a talk on different one lung isolation techniques. It was well attended meeting where Prof. J.Campos from Iowa University acted as panelist.


In Orlando 15th October 2002 I have received an award from the malignant hyperthermia association of United States (MHAUS) in partnership with Dr.Gordon Miller in recognition of successful management of MH case presentation. On 29-31 May 2003, I have read a paper on anesthesia for sympathetic surgery which was scored as no 3 out of 61 papers during international sympathetic surgery symposium (ISSS), Erlangen, Germany.


Currently I am member of the editorial board of the Internet Journal of Anesthesiology since September 2002. Also I am reviewer in Anesthesia Analgesia Journal in neuroanesthesia section since 2005. Also I am reviewer in journal of Clinical Anesthesia since 2006. Currently I am associate editor of Saudi J Anesthesia. Since May 2003 I am a member in the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS). Since Jan 2004, I am member in the editorial board of Egyptian J Anesthesiol. Since May 2004 I am member in European association of cardiothoracic anesthesiologists (EACTA).


Also I was Co-investigator in many multicenter studies namely, Master Trial based in Australia (ANZCA), ENIGMA Trial based in Australia (ANZCA) and CRASH Trial based in London University. I have more than 80 publications in national and international periodicals. Recently I have published an article on use of Dexmedetomidine in neurosurgery. It was randomized controlled-placebo study published in Pan Arab J Neurosurgery. That article was acknowledged and selected as feature article by Cochrane group, Bahrain branch and it will appear on PubMed shortly.


On 16th September 2007 I was promoted to Professor of Anesthesia at College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


On 21st-25th Jan 2008 I have attended an intensive workshop on Ultrasound Regional Anesthesia in Zurs, Austria. The workshop was organized by University of Vienna staff Professors P. Marhofer and S. Kapral. On Dec 2007 I have received certificate of CME credit upon successfully completed the continuing medical education activity as Peer Reviewer for Anesthesia Analgesia journal. On July 2008 we have organized the first US regional anesthesia workshop for one week in our department where Prof. P. Marhofer acted as instructor for the course. On 2009 I have published the first paper on US TAP block in British J Anaesthesia, Brit J Anaesth 2009;102:763-7. That article was selected in the continuing medical education section in the same journal. In March 2010 I was appointed as Associate Editor of JUTPC (International Journal of Ultrasound and applied Technologies in Perioperative Care). Director of Saudi Chapter of SUA (society ultrasound anesthesiology) since Jan 2011.



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