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SE 451


Department of Civil Engineering

King Saud University

Course Description:

SE            451


 (Required for a BSCE degree)

Introduction; data sources; cartographic representation; map design & map symbols; map generalization; names & lettering; image generalization & reproduction; map production techniques; map reproduction & updating; linear transformations; computer applications.

3 (2, 0, 2)


SE 315 Map Projections 

Course learning Objectives

Students completing this course successfully will be able to

1.        Understand concept of Cartography

2.        Define Map scale and projection.

3.        Read a map.

4.        Product a map.

5.        Create Profiles.

6.        Draw contour lines.



Topics Covered

1.        Introduction

2.        data sources

3.        cartographic representation; map design & map symbols

4.        map generalization

5.        names & lettering

6.        image generalization & reproduction

7.        map production techniques, map reproduction & updating;

8.        linear transformations

9.        computer applications

Class/ tutorial  Schedule

Two hours-lectures, 2-hours lab.

Computer Applications

1.        Surfer 7

2.        Microsoft Excel 


1.        A project for draw contour lines.

2.        A project for Calculate DEM .

Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component

1.        Students learn how to Read a map.

2.        Students learn how to Product a map

Relationship of Course to Program Outcomes

a.        Students apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering [ABET a].

b.        Students are able to identify and formulate an engineering problem and to develop a solution [ABET e].

c.        Students can use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools [ABET k].

Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Material

d.        Arthur H. Robinson, Joel L. Morrison, Phillip C. Muehrcke, and A. Jon Kimerling, " Elements of Cartography ", Wiley; 6 edition

Grade Distribution

Lab and projects                 15  Marks

Attendance and home works       5

Two-Mid-term Exams                 30

Final Exam                                 50

Total                                          100 Marks

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