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Consumer Health Education

Study questions



1)      Health education of the public is described as the missing link in the evolution of health service, what are the main components of this link?

2)      Why is the WHO definition of health vital for the acceptance of consumer health education as necessary component of health care services?

3)      What are the factors that the health educator should consider in cases of non cooperative patients?

4)      How are health education programs classified according to the type of institution or primary audience?

5)      Discuss patient health education programs, use the following points:

·         Target

·         Settings

·         Organization

·         Characteristics of each organizational format

6)      Mention 5 of the most common hospital-based inpatient education programs?

7)      What are the advantages of school health education programs?

8)      How can school health education programs be improved?

9)      What are the categories of risk to the worker?

    10)   How can occupational health education programs be developed to promote safety      

           and health at work?

11)  What are the factors that hamper health education programs?

12)   What are the definition, target, objective and problems of community health education?

13)  How can health and health related agencies support health education for the public?

14)  How can the media be used to promote health education for the public?

Consumer Health Education

Study questions



15)  In spite of rapidly improving medical technology life expectancy has not improved. Explain this statement.

16)  What is Behavioral change?

17)  What are the means through which interventions to change behavior can become effective?

18)  What are the seven basic habits that can increase life expectancy?

19)  Behavioral change is more effective on the long term than the course of least resistance. Explain.

20)  What are the factors in the community that can affect individual behavior, state examples?

21)  What are the stages of disease prevention, describe each stage, what is the role of health education?

22)  What is meant by managerial prevention?  

23)  How is life style modification a cost effective measures in improving health?

24)  What is the relationship between life style change and consumer health education?

25)  Define the “activated patient”.

26)  What type of information should the patient be given in order to provide an informed consent?

27)  Define informed consent.

28)  How much information should the patient be given about his condition?

29)  What is the function of the patient representative?

30)  What are the roles taken by hospitals in the field of consumer health education and why?

31)  What is the role of Health Professionals in the area of consumer health education?

32)  What is the difference between education and information?

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