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Health service and Service Organization

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The economic model to managed care emphasizes wellness and prophylaxis


In the focused model to managed care, the consumer gets the highest account

Strategic thinkers make decisions as a response to surrounding forces


Current health care systems are strategically developed and managed


Health care organizations should change directions as response to specific interpretation of their mission and their assessment of market opportunities

Mission statement describes the purpose for existing for a specific organization

Key stakeholders include patients, competitors and staff


The mission of the organization should be implemented regardless of the environment in which it will be implemented


Strategic managers should not be involved in the decision making process


Strategic thinking enable the manager to challenge the environment rather than reacting to it

In strategic planning, goals are defined before the plan is developed


In strategic planning, the mission of the organization guides the planning process

Planning for the planning process is not an efficient methodology


Periodic retreats should be conducted to reinforce organizational mission

organizational strengths are those factors present in the environment which support organizational mission


environmental threats are external factors which negatively affect the organization

The internal environment include factors such as economic, political and competitive environments


One alternative plan is adequate for achieving each strategic goal


Practical alternatives are set to be challenging to experienced staff


one of the reasons for the failure of strategic plans is failure to test

Strategic planning committee should include at least 50% external members


Managed care emphasizes prospective payment.

Cost containment strategy usually reduces quality of care.

The US is the most expensive health care system.

Access to primary health care reduces long term cost.

Financing of health care facilities is indirect if the government contracts for the provision of various health care services.

Increased supply of physicians reduces utilization of health care services.


Under-funding is a major problem for the UK health system.

Proprietary hospitals are investor owned hospitals.

Technological advances have made the health care system more hospital dependent.


The structure of the organization expresses the set of goals for which the organization has been established.

The first step in forming an organization is to build its organizational structure.


Creating organizational rules and regulations is part of developing the organizational structure.

Hospital can be described as bureaucratic organizations.

Hospital policies and procedures are evidence that the hospital has a system of rules.

Staff authority denotes direct supervision over staff.

A nurse trainer has line authority over her trainees.

The Hospital CEO is the person who can update the hospital mission based on the need of the community.


The dissemination role includes transmitting information to organizational members.


A hospital manager should not be involved in handling disturbance among staff





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