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Research Name: Al-Isaaf in the explanation of Al-Qadi reference & Al-Kashaf (For Khedr Al-Moslly – 1007 H.)


From the beginning of the explanation of the reference no. eighty one to the end of the explanation of the reference no. one hundred and sixty, achieving & balancing with the book of (Literature Treasury spiral section of Arab Tongues) for Abdel Kader Al-Baghdadi (1030-1093 H)


Researcher: Baligh Bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Almhaan.


Class submitting research: Master degree of Arabic literature


Research Supervisor: Prof. Dr. / Abdul Aziz bin Mohamed Al-Faisal.

Date of Research submission: 8 / 1426 H


University: College of the Arabic language of Imam Mohammed Bin Saudi Islami University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Research page number: (761) page including indexes.


Research Subject:

Achieving a part from the book (Al-Isaaf) which related to Al-Moussalli in an scientific achievement approach, and blancing the (Al-Isaaf) with the book "Literature Treasury" which related to Al-Baghdadi.

The research coming in the following sections:

·       Preface which contains the definition authors interpretations of (Al-Baidawy & Al-Zafakshari) and publicize them.

·       Section I: Balancing between the (Al-Isaaf) & (Literature Treasury) Book which included five chapters:

1-   Balancing between the two books objectively.

2-   Balancing between the two books sources.

3-   Balancing between the two authors systematically.

4-   Balancing between the views of the authors.

5-   Balancing the values two books.

·       Section II: Including the Achievement of the book which included the following sections:

1-   Documented the book ratio for the Expounder.

2-   Introducing the manuscripts copies of the book which adopted by the achievement of the book.

3-   Description the versions approved.

4-   Presenting the scientific approach which required on the achieving book.

Then ending my research with technical Indexes.


The Achieving book subject:

The purpose of writing the (Al-Isaaf book) is: the explanation of Poetic reference in the two explanation book (Anwar Al-Tanzeel) & (Asrar Al-Taweel) for Imam Al-Baidawy and Disclosure of facts (Al-Tanzeel) for Al-Zamakshari.

The book based on the explanation for those references with clarification and removing the ambiguity from it and presenting the type of reference from it.  

The highlighting advantages for the Achievement book:

1-     The caring of the Author for the two explanation references correctly and formally.

2-     Author describe the reference cited from the referring and discusses the words in the situation if necessary to do so.

3-     Author explains the reference verse & illustrates the meaning of words.

4-     Author attributed the reference verse to the poet, and then translate it adequately.

5-     The Author declare the poem which got the reference verse.

6-     'Author declare the relating story which associated with the reference verse, if any.

7-     Author almost declaring the sea prosody for the Feference verse.    

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