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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة




Scientific qualifications:

o       Bachelor of Arabic language in Faculty of education at king Saud university –Riyadh

o       Master in Arabic literature in faculty of Arabic language at university of Al-Imam Mohammad Ben Saud Islamic university –Riyadh

Work experiences :

          I have assumed the following tasks :                                      

o       Teacher in Arabic section at the faculty of education in Riyadh from 1414H till now .

o       Teacher ( part-time) of Arabic language at king Fahad security college from 1419 to 1423H .

o       Teacher (part-timer)  Arabic language ( Arabic editing-writing  ) at the faculty of physical education from 1418 to 1419H.

o       Teacher (part-timer) for Arabic language diploma students through several years

o       Director of student educational activities in the faculty from 1426 to 1428H.

o       Director of editorial team for faculty bulletin (Al-Multaga) from 1423 to 1425H . 

o       Member of student’s fund committee at the faculty from 1426 to 1428H

o       Member of staff affairs committee from 1420 to 1422H

o       Member of technological aids implementation in Arabic teaching from 1422 to 1423H .

o       Member of faculty’s central library development in the faculty from 1418 to 1419 .

Teaching subjects:

Subject which have been taught within the previous terms:

o       Functional syntax  

o       Syntax (1)

o       Abassidian literature

o       Literature from year 6 to 12 H

in this term  I teach the following subjects( from first of 1428 -1429H) :

o       Arabic literature

o       Linguistic skills

o       Arabic writing 


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