Dr. Saeb earned his Ph.D. (Molecular Phylogenetics and Population Genetics) from Ohio State University, The United States of America in 2006. He conducted his post-doctoral research on molecular population genetics in the OARDC/OSU, Ohio USA.  Dr. Saeb has been in the research and teaching profession for more than 25 years in Egypt, the United States of America then in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Saeb is a distinguished international speaker in many top-ranked scientific conferences and congresses. He was selected by the Egyptian Ministry of education for a scholarship to conduct his post-graduate studies in The United States of America.  He was elected for the Lifetime membership of the most prestigious American honor society of Phi Kappa Phi for academic excellence. He is a member of several national and international scientific societies. He received several awards including Albert Nelson Marquis's lifetime achievement award.  Dr. Saeb's research interest is focused on but not limited to Genomics, Metagenomics, Microbiome, Molecular Genetics, Diabetes Genetics, bacterial pathogenomics, and virulence, molecular pathology, and host-pathogen interactions.

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