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Research Group Projects listed at:

MSC Projects

1. Optimization of BCI in Wheelchair Navigation
2013-2014; Wafa alrajhi
Co-supervised with Dr. Manar Fawzi
2. Eyetracking and BCI in GUIs: Comparative Evaluation
2013 Eman Albilali
Co-supervised with Prof. Hatim AboAlsamh
3. Behavioural Rehabilitation for Attention Deficit Disorders: Eye
Gaze-controlled Games
2012-2013; Ashwag Alshithry
Co-supervised with Dr. Yousef Al-Ohali
4. Dyslexia Explorer: Screening Arabic Dyslexics with Eyetracking
2010-2011; Arwa Al-Edaily
Co-supervised with Dr. Yousef Al-Ohali
5. Visual Exploration Patterns in Web Transactional Interfaces
2010-2011; Mashael Al-Saleh [Publication]
6. Emotional Intelligence Screener
2011-2012; Dania Alomar [Seminar]
Co-Supervised with Dr. Manar Fawzi
7. Trie-based Sequential Motif Localization (TrieSeqML) Tool
2012-2013; Aseel al-Hadlag
Project Received the General Award in KSU's Graduate Students' Annual Scientific Symposium
Co-supervised with Dr Ghada Badr

Capstone Projects

1. Mindtyping Brain Communicator: BCI Augmentative and Alternative Communication

[Awarded Best Project in the annual IT Project Fair in KSU; Awarded 4th Place in KSU's Scientific Symposium for Students in 2013]

2. iWriter: Gaze-communication for patients with full paralysis

[Awarded Best Poster in URC2013 in Dubai; and 1st Place Award in KSU's Scientific Symposium for Students]

3. Attentive Eye: Gaze-based gaming for the rehabilitation of ADHD

[Awarded 2nd Place in KSU's Scientific Symposium for Students in 2013]

1. Sada: Interactive Auditory Discrimination Therapy
for children with Hearing-impairments & SpLDs

[Awarded 5th Place in KSU's Scientific Symposium; Presented in ICTHP2012 in Vienna]

2. Touch-to-Speak: iOS Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
for Autism and Stroke patients

[Awarded Best Poster in URC2012 and 3rd Place Award in AEC's 2012 competition; App Liicensing]

1. Alzheimers Monitoring of Memory Degradation [publication]
2. Interactive Arabic Multimedia Repository for Accessing the Web by Dyslexics
3. Autism Screening with Eyetracking [Awarded 1st Place in AEC's 2011 Competition]
4. Interactive Screening for Attention Deficit Disorders with Eyetracking
1. Memory Challenge: Short-Term Memory Therapy for Children with SpLDs [Publication]
2. Multimedia Environment to Aid in the Vocalization of Children with Autism [Publication]


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