Intrusion Detection System Using Self-Organizing Maps

Conference Paper
Alsulaiman, Mansour M. . 2009
Conference Name: 
International Conference on Network and System Security
Conference Location: 
Gold Coast, Australia
Conference Date: 
Monday, October 19, 2009
Publication Abstract: 

Internet became one of life’s basics in these days. More networks are connected to the Internet every day, which increases the amount of valuable data and the number of resources that can be attacked. Some systems have been designed and developed to secure these data and prevent attacks on resources. Unfortunately, new attacks are being created everyday, which make it hard to design a system that will catch these attacks. The need is not only for preventing the attack but also for detecting such attacks if it happened. Intrusion Detection Systems is built to do this task and complement other security systems. In this paper we build an Intrusion Detection System using a well known unsupervised neural network, namely Kohonen maps. We present the solution by some researchers then propose two enhancements. The enhancement we did gave good result and was able to solve some off the shortcomings of available solution, namely high value of false positive.