A unique and self splicing intron in bacteriophage T4

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Ahmad, Asad U. Khan, Ajamaluddin Malik and Masood . 2001
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Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics
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We describe in this review, the salient splicing features of group I introns of bacteriophage T4 and propose, a hypothetical model to fit in the self-splicing of nrdB intron of T4 phage. Occurrence of non-coding sequences in prokaryotic cells is a rare event while it is common in eukaryotic cells, especially the higher eukaryotes. Therefore, T4 bacteriophage can serve as a good model system to study the evolutionary aspects of splicing of introns. Three genes of T4 phage were found to have stretches of non-coding sequences which belonged to the group IA type introns of self-splicing nature.