Analysis of Variance –STAT 531

Introduction, Preview of Linear Models and Analysis of Variance Models, Random Vector and Matrix.
One Way of Classification, Partition of Sum of Squares, Mean Squares and Expectations, Fixed and Random Effect Models, Tests, Interclass Correlation and Variance Ratio Confidence Intervals.
Analysis of Variance for Unbalanced Data, Estimates, Confidence Intervals, Inference about Difference between Treatment Means, Multiple Comparisons.
Effects and Tests of Departures from Assumptions Underlying the Analysis of Variance Model.
Two Way Crossed Classification without Interaction, Model, Assumptions, Mean Squares and Expected Mean Squares,  Fixed Effects, Random Effects, Mixed Effects, Tests.
Two Way Crossed Classification with Interaction. Model, Assumption, Partition of SS, Mean Squares and Expectations, Fixed Effect, Random Effect and Mixed Effects, Tests. Models for Unbalanced Data.
Two Way Nested (Hierarchcal) Classification, Model, Assumptions, Fixed Effects, Random Effects and Mixed Effects, Estimation and Tests.
Multivariate Analysis of Variance
Repeated Measures Data and ANOVA, Multilevel Models
1. Required Text(s)
Software using: SAS and Minitab
Text Book :
Hardeo Sahai, Mohammed I. Ageel .(2012).The Analysis of Variance: Fixed, Random and Mixed Models
, Birkhauser Verlag GmbH,  ISBN: 1461271045, 9781461271048
2. Essential References     
Douglas C. Montgomery-Design and Analysis of Experiments-Wiley (2012)
3- Recommended Books and Reference Material (Journals, Reports, etc) (Attach List)Book
J. Rencher, A.C. (2000). Linear Models in Statistics. Wiley, New York.

Sahai, H. and Ageel, M.I. (2000). The Analysis of Variance. Birkhauser, Boston.

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