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Recommended Text Books


Medical Physiology I (PSL 131):

  1. Textbook of Medical Physiology by:  Guyton.
  2. Human Physiology and Mechanism of Disease by:  Guyton and Hall.
  3. Review of Medical Physiology by:  William F. Ganong.
  4. Human Physiology from Cells to Systems by:  L. Sherwood. 

Medical Physiology II (PSL 132):

  • Review of Medical Physiology, William F. Ganong (editor), 22nd edition, McGraw-Hill, Boston, USA.


Dental Physiology (PSL 211):   


1.        Human Physiology and Mechanism of Disease, by: (Guyton and Hall)

2.        Human Physiology, by:  (Stuart Ira Fox).

3.        Review of Medical Physiology, by: (Ganong).

4.        Concise Human Physiology, by: (M. Y. Sukkar).


Pharmacy Physiology I (PCOL 282):


§   Human mechanism of diseases, by: (Guyton).

§   Review of Medical Physiology by, (Ganong), 21st edition.


Pharmacy Physiology II (PCOL 283):


§   Human Physiology - Guyton Mechanism of Disease.





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