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Saudi Heart Association
Saudi Heart Association - Arabic
American Heart Association
Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts
Physiology Online
Journal of Applied Physiology
American Physiology Society-Journals Online
American Journal of Physiology
Human Physiology-Wikipedia
Physiology of the Heart
'Physiology of the heart' Book, By Arnold M. Katz
Medical Physiology And Pathophysiology - Essentials and clinical problems
Mouse Models for Myocardial Ischaemia/Reperfusion
Humane Care & Use of Animal Subjects
Modules 1-5
Animal research - Biomethodology of the Rat
Animal Research
Working with Rats in Research Settings
The Laboratory Rat
Dissection of the Rat
Surgical Knowledge and skills
College of Medicine
College of Medicine - Arabic Site
College of Medicine - Malaz Campus
Holy Quran
Science Direct
Evidence Based Medicine
Netting the Evidence
National Diabetes Education Program
The Journal of American Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians
Saudi Medical Journal
Royal College of General Practioners
Annals of Saudi Medicine
Scottish Intercollegiant Guidelines Network
British Medical Journal
BMC Family Practice
The New England Journal of Medicine
The Journal of Family Practice
Free Medical Journal
WONCA-Global Family Doctor
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
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