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Professor. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi
 Professor of Bee Science





Bee Research Unit - Plant Protection Department - Faculty of Science of Food and Agriculture - King Saud University

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Site Beekeeping industry in Kingdom




Beekeeping and honey bee products are considered the main source of income for a large number of beekeepers in Saudi Arabia.The estimated number of honey bee colonies is around one million colonies. This number is owned by approximately 5000 beekeepers beside to a large number of honey traders for local and imported honey. However, honey production is still away to far from self sufficient. Saudi Arabia imports more than 10 thousand tons from honey annual.
Now, it is very important to use the internet. A large numbers from beekeepers using it to obtain the scientific technology information in beekeeping which help them in their industry. Also, it offers information about the honey bee and its products to the others.

This site aims to describe the following points:

  1. The beekeeping industry in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The efforts which were done by bee researcher unit of king saud university, ministry of agriculture and beekeeping co-operative society.
  3. Explain some activities and programs which offering to improve the poor families income.
  4. Give identification of scientific societies and international unions which Saudi Arabia is a member with them.
  5. Exchange experience and discuss the bee keeper problems and suggest the practical and scientific resolutions.
  6. Explain the activities of Arab beekeepers union an middle east beekeepers union.
  7. Give a chance for Saudi beekeepers and others to know other beekeepers all over the world.



Activites of Sixth Conference of the Arab Union of Beekeepers



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