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 Educational Background

Oct. 1996 – July 2000: PostDoctoral :Research Associate at National Center for Macromolecular Imaging –Baylor college of Medicine Houston, TX, USA.

Oct. 93- July 96 : Ph.D. in Image Processing area (High HONORS) at polytechnic school of engineering. The title of my thesis is:  Filtering and Unsupervised Segmentation of Polarimetric Satellites Ultrasonic Radar Images. Polytechnics school of Engineering University of Nantes, France.

 Sept. 92-July 93: Masters in Electronics and informatics systems , Specialty (Electronic Systems and Digital Signal Processing). Project entitled: Segmentation of Polarimetric Ultrasonic  Radar Image, Polytechnics school of Engineering, University of Nantes, France.

 Sept. 1989-Sept. 1990: Masters in Digital Image Processing (Computer Graphics , Processing, Analysis and compression, all courses for static and sequence images) at IFSIC (Institute of Computer Sciences and Communication).  University of Rennes, France.

 1985- 1989: BS in Electrical Engineering : Electronic and computer Systems, specialty: Electronic Instrumentation. University of Saint-Etienne, Academy of Lyon, France.


Professional Experience

2009-present: Associate professor at King Saud University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dept. of Biomedical Technology.

Aug. 2000-2008: Assistant Professor at King Saud University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dept. of Biomedical Technology. 


 Teaching  :   

Ø Image processing (wavelets, pattern recognition, compression, analysis, …) (Master students at the computer sciences department at KSU)

Ø CT-Scan, Ultrasound , X-ray imaging systems , Nuclear and MRI.

Ø Signal processing

Ø Microprocessors (8086, 8088)

Ø Computer language C++.

Ø Biomedical laboratory instrumentation.

Ø Electronics systems, integrated circuits.

Ø Circuit Analysis


 Academic :               

Ø      Preparation of the contents of biomedical instrumentation diploma

Ø Responsible of training program for graduation,

Ø  Several times jury member in master thesis defense.

Ø General Supervisor for final Exams in the department,

Ø Supervisor for graduation projects,

Ø Academic advisor for students,

Ø Responsible of following up the master and PhD students studying outside the kingdom.

Ø Member of the committee of program upgrade and planning for the department.


Oct. 1996 – July 2000: Research Associate at National Center for Macromolecular Imaging –Baylor college of Medicine Houston, TX, USA.

·                     Development of a new method for automatic detection and selection of biological specimen using multi-resolution scheme for filtering and particle selection. (published in IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing 1998 Chicago USA)

·                     Development of new techniques for data processing and filtering to improve the quality of  3-dimensional

reconstruction of virus structure. Development of tools for 3D visualization purpose.

·                     Development of new method for orientation determination of very low contrast electron microscopic images using weighted-wavelet projection matching and filtering in wavelet space. The software was developed in C/C++ using Unix system published at IEEE ICASSP2000 Istanbul, Turkey.

 1993 - 1996:  Ph.D. Thesis in image processing area applied to SAR Radar systems images, the thesis comport two parts:

·                      The first part is the noise filtering applied to digital radar images and 3 dimensions radar images, Because the polarimetric radar system provide three components images for the same target. Different kind of filters was applied and compared to my two proposed filtering methods. The first proposed method deal with multi-resolution filtering using Gaussian-Laplacian pyramids and contrast enhancement. The second one is based on multidimensional filtering using ranked order adaptive filter in 3 dimensional space. (Software written in C under Unix).

·                     The second part, of my thesis, deal with segmentation and classification of a digital radar images. The segmentation of the image use statistical optimization (Maximum a posteriori estimator, simulated annealing). Initial segmentation was obtained by cluster analysis techniques (C-mean, Fuzzy C-mean). The random Markov field was used as statistical model of the image. Several statistical distributions like Gaussian, K-distribution, Gamma-distribution, were used to model the data in each area of the image. (Software written in C under Unix).

 1991-1992 : 2 Years Teaching Experience, Electronic Systems and Computer Science at Colbert’s College and st-Genvieve  School in France.

 1990:  Development of instrument based image processing system allowing the retrieval of script information appearing on digital image of bank checks for automatic processing purposes at SRTP (The French Postal Service's Technical Research Center). Software written in C/Unix. Nantes, France. (Published in Visual Communication and Image Processing conference Lausanne  1990).

 1989: Software development for automatic processing of salaries. SERCAO (A CAD Researches Company) at Saint-Etienne, France.


Publications in Journals


1.                  Ali S. Saad, Visual enhancement of digital ultrasound images: Wavelet versus Gauss-Laplace contrast pyramid, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, Vol. 2, no.2. August-2007. pp 117-125.

 2.  Ali Saad, Simultaneous Speckle Reduction and Contrast Enhancement for Ultrasound Images: Wavelet versus Laplacian Pyramid , PRIA.  2008, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 63–70


 3.  Ali S. Saad: Orientation determination by wavelets matching for 3D reconstruction

of very noisy electron microscopic virus images, BMC Structural Biology 2005, 5:9.

 4.  Angel M. Paredes, D. Ferreira, M. Horton, Ali Saad, H. Tsuruta, R. Johnston, W. Klimstra, K. Ryman, R. Hernandez, W. Chiu and D. T. Brown, Conformational Changes in Sindbis virions Resulting from Exposure to Low pH and Interactions with Cells Suggest that Cell Penetration May Occur at the Cell Surface in the Absence of Membrane Fusion, Virology 324,  pp: 373-385, 2004.

 5.  Ali S. Saad, Wavelets filtering for classification of very noisy electron microscopic single particles images- Application on structure determination of VP5-VP19C recombinant.  BMC Structural Biology 2003,3:9.     

6.   Ali Saad, Steven J. Ludtke, Joanita Jakana , Frazer  J. Rixon, Hiro Tsuruta and Wah Chiu, Estimates of the Amplitude Decay of Electron Micrographs of Single Particles and its Effects on High Resolution Structure Determination   Journal of Structural Biology 133, 32-42 2001.

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Presentations in Peer Reviewed International Conferences

1.Ali Saad, “Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound Images Using Wavelets Analysis” , International Medical and biomedical Engineering symposium IMIBE, Jordan , Aman, March 2006.

 2.Ali Saad, Ali El Zaart and Ali Al-Mejrad, Speckle Reduction in Digital Ultrasound Images by Multi-Resolution Contrast Enhancement International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2004, IFMBE, BioMed 2004,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2-4, 2004.


3. Ali El Zaart,  Ali Al-Mejrad and Ali Saad,Segmentation of Mammography Images for Breast Cancer Detection. International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2004, IFMBE BioMed 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2-4, 2004.


4.            Ali Saad and Wah Chiu.: Hierarchical wavelet projection matching for orientation determination of low contrast electron cryomicroscopic images of icosahedral virus particles ICASSP-2000, International conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2000.


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 13.         J-C. Saloumet, Ali  Saad, M. Leroux, H. Oiry: Retrieval of script information appearing on bank checks for automatic reading purposes, Conf., SPIE, Visual Communication and Image Processing'90 Lausanne; Switzerland, Switzerland, october1990.


Books published: processing of medical images (in Arabic language -under press)

Awards & Membership

- Marquis who’s who in Medicine and Healthcare, 2005.

- Cambridge Blue Book 2006.

- American Biographical institute (Man of the year 2006).

- Marquis who’s who in the World 2006.

- Member of the American society for advancement of science.

      - Member of the Saudi computer society

      - Member of review board of Saudi Computer Journal -Applied Computing and informatics.

Attendance in many conferences and workshops


Computer Skills

·         7 years experience with Unix system.

·         10 years C programming and 7 years  C++  experience.

·         Some experience with: Java, Html, SQL, Pascal, Basic and 6502, 6800, 68000, 80X86 assembly languages.

·         Good experience with several software for images processing and 3D visualization (Khoros, Matlab, Labview, Iris Explorer, Vis5D, Adoculos, PCDSP...).

·         Good Experience with software for 3D reconstruction of single particles (Imagic, EMAN)

·         Microsoft office XP professional. Good experience with Adobe Photoshop, illustrator.

·         Good experience with X-windows (development of  graphical user interface for particle selection).

·         Some experience with parallel processing.

·         Some experience with several platforms: Unix (Linux/X-windows), Windows, Mac, Dos.


Arabic   - mother tongue

English  - fluent

French   - fluent

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