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Biomedical Instrumentation course

 At the end of this page there are usefull documents to Download concerning the course.

Summary : This course describe the technology of Electronic instrumentations There are several chapter in this topic including EEG EMG, Defibrilator, Peace Maker,Electro-surgery Ablation, Laser Surgery and others.


1. Program Title: Biomedical instrumentation

 2. Program code and number: BMT 414

3. Faculty member responsible for the program: Dr. Ali Saad

4. Qualification required for faculty member: Ph.D. or M.Sc.

5 No. of units/Credit hours: 3 hrs.

6. level at which this course is offered: 9

7. Pre-requisites: Electronics (BMT 313)

8. Co-requisites: NA

9. General Goal of program: · Understand basics of instrumentation. · Study of medical instrumentation the design and function · Develop an ability to design and analyze medical instrument.

10. Short Description of the course: The course focus on studying several biomedical instrument including defibrillators, cardioverters, electrosurgical unit, medical Laser, Peacemakers and instrument and techniques dealing with electrophysiological signals like EEG, EMG and ENG. .

11. Topics to be Covered

-Topic No of Weeks Total hours Lecture Tutorial/ Practical Defibrillators/Cardioversion Defibrillation Strength Duration Curve External Defibrillators Capacitive Discharge Defibrillator Square Wave Defibrillators Defibrillation Electrodes Electrode Placement Electrodes used in cardiac defibrillation A cardioverter Implantable Defibrillators 2 6 4 4

-Pacemakers Short History of Pacemakers Cardiac Conduction System Atrioventricular block Normal ECG followed by an ectopic beat Modern Pacemakers asynchronous cardiac pacemaker Demand Synchronous Pacing rate-responsive pacemaker Evolution of implantable pacemaker technology Dual Chamber Pacemaker Bipolar Pacemaker Electrodes Unipolar Pacemaker Electrodes commonly applied cardiac pacemaker electrodes Pacemaker Placement 2 6 4 4

-Electrosurgery and ablation Electrosurgery works by cutting, fulguration or desiccation typical electrosurgical unit Components of a modern electrosurgical system Elastomeric silicone-coated cutting electrodes Structure of the commonly used electrodes in laparoscopy return electrode monitoring system Argon beam coagulator Examples of ablation procedures The Joule heat generated from the catheter tip A typical ablation electrode system An ablation catheter Common cardiac ablation sites FEM for Hepatic Ablation Important Parameters Affecting Lesion Dimension A simplified optical diagram of components of the laser system System for prostate cryoablation block diagram of a microwave power supply 2 6 2 4

-Medical L-A-S-E-R Laser Elements Laser Characteristics Laser Tissue Interaction Carbon Dioxide Laser ND:Yag Laser Argon and argon dye laser Diode and Holmium Laser Electroneurogram (ENG Electromyogram (EMG) EMG Affected by Disease Evoked EMG Measurements/ENG 1 3 1 2

-EEG Brain signal measurement and analysis Brain Structure Brain Function Electroencephalogram (EEG) Unipolar EEG Recording Evoked Potential Estimation Signal Power Estimates 1 3 1 2

-Catheterization & Cardiac Output Measurement of Heart Valve Surface Area Heart Sound Generation Heart Sound Measurement Measurement of Blood Flow Indicator Dilution Methods Indicator Dilution via Rapid Injection Example of Swan Ganz Catheter 2 6 2 4

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) How MRI Works Timeline of MR Imaging MRI whole system Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields Shimming Coils Proton in magnetic field frequency encoding MRI image formation 2 6 2 4


Folder: مقالاتيمقالاتيعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Folder: 313BMT313BMTعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Folder: 334bmt334bmtعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Folder: Doc414Doc414على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Chapter05-Artup.pptChapter05-Artupعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
القلب.ppsالقلبعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
x-ray-exam.docx-ray-examعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
open mri.zipopen mriعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
project presentation.pptproject presentationعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
speckle reduction in ultrasound.docspeckle reduction in ultrasoundعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
مشروعتخرج.docمشروعتخرجعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
research_methodology.docresearch_methodologyعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
final_report2.zipfinal_report2على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
bmt415.pptxbmt415على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
تقريرنهائى.docتقريرنهائىعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
chap1-313.pptxchap1-313على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Cchapter1.pptxCchapter1على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
بحث التخرج (احمد القرني -احمد الضفيان).docبحث التخرج (احمد القرني -احمد الضفيان)على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
segPet project.docsegPet projectعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
projectKmeanWav.docprojectKmeanWavعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
elect313-1st-26-27.docelect313-1st-26-27على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
exam1-us.docexam1-usعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
AliSaad_CV.docAliSaad_CVعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
ASTFResearchABShtm.htmASTFResearchABShtmعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
AliSaad_CV2007htm.mhtAliSaad_CV2007htmعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
waveletorientnF.pdfwaveletorientnFعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
pria_Final_Abstract.pdfpria_Final_Abstractعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
IMIBE535-final.pdfIMIBE535-finalعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Final_main_ms_rad_Alisaad.pdfFinal_main_ms_rad_Alisaadعلى سمير عبدالسلم سعد
Final_Abstract_Herpes1.pdfFinal_Abstract_Herpes1على سمير عبدالسلم سعد
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