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Exam1 US

Generale Questions in imaging with corrections

Q1 : what type of waves x-rays are :

a-         Electromagnetic waves

b-      Mechanical waves

c-       Electronic pulsed waves

d-      Nuclear waves


Q2: X-rays wavelength  are in :

a-      Pico-meters,

b-      Angstroms

c-       Micrometers

d-      milimeters

Q3:   Biological damage is the result of which of the following  effects.

a-       scintillation effect,

b-       photoelectric effect

c-       ionization effect

d-      electromagnetic effect


Q4-Absorbed dose of x-ray is

a-      cumulative

b-       noncumulative

c-       Superlative

d-      conductive


Q5- At what level the surface dose is measured?

a-      Table level

b-      Tube level

c-       Bone level

d-      Skin level

Q6- The percentage of x-ray produced at the Anode is :

a-      1 %,

b-       5%,

c-       10%

d-       non of  them.

Q7-large filament in dual focus cup cathode is used for

a-      dense anatomy

b-      thin anatomy

c-       liquid

d-      solid

Q8- Which type of generator is used since 1990?

a-      Single phase

b-      Six pulse

c-       High frequency

d-      12 pulse

Q9: Batter powered model is used in mobile system, from what material the battery is formed:

a-      Sodium

b-      Potassium

c-      Lead-acid

d-      Nickel Cadmium


Q10- What is the role of tube housing?

a-      Protect the tube

b-      Reduce the heat

c-       Cooling the tube

d-      Increase x-ray rate




Q11 : Shimming coil in MRI imaging play the role of:

a-      Amplifying magnetic field

b-      Non homogeneity compensation of magnetic field

c-       Generate RF signal

d-      Stabilize the current


Q12: which type of particle is used for MRI imaging

a-      Electron

b-      Positron

c-       Proton

d-      Neutron



Q13 : Larmor frequency used in MRI is proportional to :

a-      Radio frequency

b-      Electromagnetic field

c-       Wavelength

d-      Signal frequency

Q14 :  in which order the MRI system is organized :

a-      Main magnet, shimming coil, gradient coil , RF coil

b-      Main magnet, gradient coil, shimming coil, RF coil

c-       Main magnet, shimming coil, RF coil, gradient coil

d-      Gradient coil, shimming coil, main magnet, RF coil




Q15: for what PET used for:

a-      Heart sound measurement

b-      Blood pressure

c-       Nuclear imaging

d-      Pulse electronic transmission


Q16: what is a gamma camera?

a-      Detect gamma rays light emission

b-      Send electrons to patient

c-       Image the abdomen and muscle

d-      Provide a global picture of the body


Q17:collimator in gamma camera is used to:

a-      Select gamma rays along particular direction

b-      suppress scatter

c-       preserve edges

d-      smooth details


Q18: role of photomultiplier tube

a-      transform light to electron and amplify current

b-      multiply photon by electron

c-       multiply electron with voltage

d-      amplify photons


Q19: what is SPECT?

a-      ultrasonic device

b-      nuclear imaging device

c-       MRI device

d-      CT device

Q20: SPECT uses :

a-      X-ray tube

b-      Anger camera

c-       Localizer

d-      Bode plot

Q21: Where is the  Backprojection method is used

a-      Computed tomography imaging

b-      PET imaging

c-       SPECT imaging

d-      Ultrasound Doppler imaging

Q22:  PET uses

a-      Electron proton annihilation

b-      Coincidence counting circuit

c-       Electronics demonstrator

d-      Gamma decay

Q23 : what is an histogram?

a-      brightness of the image

b-      gray level in an image

c-       intensity of the image

d-      density of gray levels  values in an image


Q24: CT imaging uses

a-      x-ray waves

b-      sound waves

c-       backprojection  method

d-      film

Q25: in CT imaging tube and detector are:

a-      perpendicular to each other

b-      180 degree coupled

c-       270 degree coupled

d-      120 degree coupled


Q26 : Doppler principle is used for :

a-      Static object

b-      Moving object

c-       Liquid

d-      solid


Q27 : Doppler imaging is used for:

a-      air flow

b-      blood quantity

c-       blood flow and direction

d-      temperature


Q28 : Scout- Axial Helical and cine are;

a-      scan mode in CT

b-      scan mode in PET

c-       scan modes in MRI

d-      Scan modes in US.


Q29 : Detector in CT are :

a-      Analog

b-      Digital

c-       Graphite

d-      Titanium


Q30:  Detector cell is  formed of

a-      Diode crystal

b-      Detector  channel

c-       Detector module

d-      plutonium


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