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Biomedical Imaging Course -334 BMT

The course is composed of 6 imaging instruments :

 X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, MRI,  Nuclear imaging PET


1.     Program Title: Biomedical imaging

2.      Program code and number: BMT 334

3.      Faculty member responsible for the program: Dr. Ali Saad

4.      Qualification required for faculty member: Ph.D. or M.Sc.

5.      No. of units/Credit hours: 3 hrs.

6.      level at which this course is offered: 7

7.      Pre-requisites. Electronics (313 BMT)

8.      Co-requisites: 315 BMT

9.      General Goal of program:

·         Understand the basics of digital imaging.

·         Understand different modalities of imaging including X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and Nuclear imaging.

·         Understand the design and technologies of different imaging modalities


10.  Short Description of the course:

Understand the principle of imaging modalities and understand all the technologies of different imaging instruments. This course include 5 imaging modalities including X-ray, computed tomography, ultrasound and Doppler imaging, Nuclear imaging and finaly MRI.


11. Topics to be covered


No of


Total hours


Tutorial/ Practical


Nuclear imaging


Radioactive decay

Gamma Camera

Image reconstruction,

Anger camera,

SPECT imaging


Projection reconstruction

PET Imaging

Annihilation reaction

Coincidence counting







1-Introduction to ultrasound

2- Basic Ultrasound Physics

 3- Doppler Ultrasound physics

4-Directional detectors -Discrimination of the direction of flow

5-Basic of Ultrasound Instrumentation

6-Static Image Generation Using Ultrasound

7- Real Time Imaging (RTI)

8- Doppler imaging

9-M-Mode imaging

10- artifacts in Ultrasound imaging






Computed Tomography


CT Image Generation Process

CT Images

CT Detector

Rotating Detector and Source

CT Output: Data Files

Reassembling the Data

Advantages and Limitations of CT

CT Components & Functions

CT Architecture


Data Acquisition

Scan Modes





Physics of X-ray

Producing an Image

 Scintillation and Photo-electric Effect

Intensifying Screen Efficiency

Radiographic components

X-ray Tube Components

X-ray Generation

Measuring Focal Spot Size

Power Generator






  1. Teaching Strategies, program Outcomes, and methods of Assessment:



Cognitive Skills

Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

Analytic and Communication skills.

Teaching Strategies





program Outcomes

 basic of X-ray imaging, Ultrasound and

basic of ultrasound imaging

Basic of Nuclear imaging.

Basic of computed tomography.

Knowing  technology of X-ray instruments

Knowing technology of ultrasound

Knowing technology of  CT

 Knowing the technology of Nuclear imaging and MRI

Home works and practical helps student to works together in groups, and train them  to assume responsibility in writing reports and deliver them at time.


methods of Assessment

2 mid-terms written exams (40)and one final written exam (40)+ practical exam and reports (20)





  1. Teaching Sources: Biomedical Imaging Edited by K. MUDRY, R. PLONSEY and J. BRONZINO; CRC press 2003.

a)      Books or notes:  Medica imaging physics W. Hendee, E. R. Ritenour, fouth  edition Willey-Liss, 2002.

b)      Extra references: NA

c)      Electronic sources: NA

d)     Teaching aids: NA


Date of approval of program specification

Date of major program review







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