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   Abir Alharbi, PhD

Mathematic Department

King Saud University,

Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia


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Conduct research in Artificial Neural Networks,Genetic algorithms,Biological models  and most  Areas of Applied , Numerical and Computational math. Develop advanced teaching methods for Mathematics.


2000–King Saud University, Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia

Associate Professor

§      Vice chairman of the math department women section in King Saud University 2007-2009.

*   Research Visitor to UCL london for post-Doc research, 2008.

*   Reserch Visitor to University of Michigan Ann Arbor for sabbatical 2007.

*   Director of support unit for lecturers and demonstrators (SUDL) in female science colleges

§     Teaching in the math department the following courses:  253M Numerical Analysis, 434M Graph Theory, 102M Advanced Calculus, 101M Calculus, 151M Discrete Math and 244M Linear algebra for computer science students.

§     Supervising students on graduate projects (499M course).

§     The supervisor of the computer lab in the math department.


Membership of Committees

§     Final exams committee in King Saud University.

§     Graduate ceremony committee in King Saud University.

§     Supervisors of computer labs in King Saud University.

§     Committee for graduate  students.

    Committee for staff schedules.


Honors and Awards

The second honours position in the bachelor degree from King Saud University, College of Sciences – Department of Mathematics - 1992




Associations and Seminars

§     Member of the Saudi association of math

§     Attended annual Saudi association of math seminars.

§     Gave Seminar on Matlab in teaching math courses (2002).

§     Gave Seminar on Mathematica in teaching math courses  (2005).

§     Gave Seminar on Scientific Workplace in teaching math courses (2003).

Attended Mathematics and Physics asscciation annual workshops King AbdualAziz city for Science and Technology.

Attended Science Conference King Saud University (2006)


    Abir Alharbi, F. Tchier, M. Siddique A Mathematics E-book Application Using Maple Animations, Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, (FECS'16: July 2016, USA)ISBN #: 1-60132-435-9
  • F. Tcier and Abir Alharbi ,Fuzzy Relational Model and Genetic Algorithms for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia, Filomat, 30:3 (2016), 547–556 .
  • Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier ,Using a Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm as a Computer Aided Breast Cancer Diagnostic Tool, Asian journal of breast cancer prevention, 2016.
  • Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier ,A Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for breast cancer Advance MATHEMATICS conference (ADVOCM 2015) 19-25 July 2015, Nice, France
  • Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier , Animation and Graphics to Understand Mathematics INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on RECENT ADVANCES in PURE and APPLIED MATHEMATICS (ICRAPAM 2014) 6-9 November 2014, Antalya, Turkey.
  • Abir Alharbi, Using a Hopfield Iterative Neural Network to explain Diffusion in the Brain’s Extracellular space structure, 6th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence – IJCCI 2014.
  • Abir Alharbi, M.S. Siddique, Geometric Functions by Maple Animations Enhance Students Learning Geometric Function Theory and Applications, 9th International Symposium GFTA 2013.
  • Abir Alharbi, A solution to neural field equations by a recurrent neural network method, NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS ICNAAM 2012: International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, vol 1479,772-776. AIP Publishing
  • Abir Alharbi,"An Artificial neural network method for solving partial differntial equations",AIP american institute of physics,ICNAAM,vol 11281,Greece, 2010.
  • Abir Alharbi, E.S. Fahmy, “ADM-Pade solutions for Generalized Burgers system and Burgers-Huxley system of two coupled equations”, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 233,8,2071-2080,2010.
  • §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, “The Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions and classical Dynamic problems”, International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications (IJCIA), vol. 9,1,33-48, 2010.
  •   Abir Alharbi, Ibtesam Bajunaid, E.S. Fahmy, “Numerical and analytical study for Generalized Burgers system and Burgers-Huxley system of two coupled equations”, submitted to the International Journal of Numerical methods and  applications , 3,1,65-86,2010.
  • §     Abir Alharbi, E.S. Fahmy, “Approximate solutions for Time-Delayed Convective Fisher equation using  ADM-Pade technique”, Asian-Eropean mathematics journal,World Scientific Publishing Co., 2010, vol. 3,No. 2 pp.221-233.   

     §     Abir Alharbi, E. Alahmadi, “A Neural Network method for the unsteady flow past a circular cylinder” , FEJAM,  2008, vol. 30, number 2, pp.245-264.

     §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, R. Rolio, “The Defined Cliffs variant in Dynamic Environment, A Case Study Using the Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions”, The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2007), ,University College London, London, ُEngland, United Kingdom, July 7-11, 2007.

     §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, R. Rolio , “Understanding the Semantics of Genetic Algorithms in Dynamic Environments A case Study Using the Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions”, EvoSTOC2007, Fourth European Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms in Stochastic and Dynamic Environments, incorporated in Evo* 2007, Valencia, Spain, 11-13 April, 2007. 

    Abir Alharbi, PhD Thesis “A Neurocomputing Approach for solving Partial Differential Equations", Florida institute of technology, Melbourne, Florida, 1997.


            Mathematics with Matlab” ,King saud university, published 2011.




 Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne , Fl.

§     Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics. Major in Artificial Neural Networks. 


California State University Northridge , CA.

§     Masters of Science in mathematics.


 King Saud University  Riyadh  , KSA.

§     B.S. in mathematics with honors.


Areas of Research

Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic algorithms, Wavelets,Biological models areas of  Numerical analysis and computational Math.




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