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  • Publications

  • Abir Alharbi,"An Artificial neural network method for solving partial differntial equations",AIP american institute of physics,ICNAAM,vol 11281,Greece, 2010.
    • F. Tcier and Abir Alharbi ,Fuzzy Relational Model and Genetic Algorithms for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia, Filomat, 30:3 (2016), 547–556 .
      Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier ,Using a Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm as a Computer Aided Breast Cancer Diagnostic Tool, Asian journal of breast cancer prevention, 2016.
  • Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier ,A Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for breast cancer Advance MATHEMATICS conference (ADVOCM 2015) 19-25 July 2015, Nice, France Abir Alharbi and Fairouz Tchier , Animation and Graphics to Understand Mathematics INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on RECENT ADVANCES in PURE and APPLIED MATHEMATICS (ICRAPAM 2014) 6-9 November 2014, Antalya, Turkey. Abir Alharbi, Using a Hopfield Iterative Neural Network to explain Diffusion in the Brain’s Extracellular space structure, 6th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence – IJCCI 2014. Abir Alharbi, M.S. Siddique, Geometric Functions by Maple Animations Enhance Students Learning Geometric Function Theory and Applications, 9th International Symposium GFTA 2013. Abir Alharbi, A solution to neural field equations by a recurrent neural network method, NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS ICNAAM 2012: International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, vol 1479,772-776. AIP Publishing Abir Alharbi, E.S. Fahmy, “ADM-Pade solutions for Generalized Burgers system and Burgers-Huxley system of two coupled equations”, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 233,8,2071-2080,2010.
  • §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, “The Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions and classical Dynamic problems”, International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications (IJCIA), vol. 9,1,33-48, 2010.
  • §         Abir Alharbi, Ibtesam Bajunaid, E.S. Fahmy, “Numerical and analytical study for Generalized Burgers system and Burgers-Huxley system of two coupled equations”, submitted to the International Journal of Numerical methods and  applications , vol. 3,1,65-86, 2010.

§     Abir Alharbi, E.S. Fahmy, “Approximate solutions for Time-Delayed Convective Fisher equation using  ADM-Pade technique”, Asian-Eropean mathematics journal,   World Scientific Publishing Co., 2010, vol. 3,No. 2 pp.221-233.   

§     Abir Alharbi, E. Alahmadi, “A Neural Network method for the unsteady flow past a circular cylinder” , FEJAM,    2008, vol. 30, number 2,pp.245-264

 §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, R. Rolio, “The Defined Cliffs variant in Dynamic Environment, A Case Study Using the Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions”, The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2007), ,University College London, London, ُEngland, United Kingdom, July 7-11, 2007.

 §     Abir Alharbi, W. Rand, R. Rolio , “Understanding the Semantics of Genetic Algorithms in Dynamic Environments A case Study Using the Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions”, EvoSTOC2007, Fourth European Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms in Stochastic and Dynamic Environments, incorporated in Evo* 2007, Valencia, Spain, 11-13 April, 2007.

 §      Abir Alharbi, PhD Thesis “A Neurocomputing Approach for solving Partial Differential Equations", Florida institute of technology, Melbourne, Florida, 1997.

 Current Research

  §     Mathematics with Matlab” a book to be published 2010.






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