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Our College Exhibition



a.                    Introduction:

i)                     Date and Place of Exhibition

ii)                   Cause of Exhibition

iii)                  Timing of the Exhibition

iv)                 Festivity of the Exhibition

b.                   Proceeding of the Ceremony

i)                     Arrival & Reception of the Chief Guest

ii)                   Inauguration of the Exhibition

iii)                  Visiting Western, Southern, Northern and Eastern Stalls

iv)                 Visiting Western and Central Stalls and summing up the ceremony 

c.                    Post Inaugural Days

d.                   Conclusion with benefits and drawbacks


Our College exhibition held on Saturday the 4th Dul Qa'da, 1427H in connection with 50th Anniversary of the establishment of King Saud University. This was the first exhibition of our college. It continued for the whole week from morning till late night. There was too much festivity everywhere. All college – students, professors, workers and College administration was found busy the whole week. There was great hustle and bustle there.


His Highness, the Prince Abdul Rehman Bin Abdullah Bin Faisal Al Farhaan Al-e-Saud, Governor of Majma'ah inaugurated this exhibition. Inaugural ceremony was really splendid.  The Prince entered the College exact on 11:00 am as circulated in the invitation cards. As the Prince entered the College gate, our Dean, Deputy Dean, the Manager, and other heads of departments along with teaching faculty welcomed the Chief Guest. Everyone was showering honours on him. The Prince entered the hall with calculated steps and reciprocated the welcome in a well composed way. The Prince along with a train of attendants, assistants and officers entered the site of exhibition along with hosts.


The exhibition was arranged in the college compound and the stalls were displayed in "C-shape", as the chief guest entered the main gate of exhibition, he along with his men turned right. The first stall was the stall of King Saud University Community College Majma'ah. The Chief Guest took great interest in the performance, progress and development of the College and University and received the relevant literature and brouchers which were given to his personal staff. It was followed by the next stall. Second stall was the stall of Al Majma'ah College of Education and Training for Women. He was briefed with the performance and scope of the college and relevant literature and progress report was handed over to his secretarial staff.


Then the situation of the stalls turned left. This was the stall of Civil Defense and Traffic Police. They were displaying their different extraordinary things and making the visitors aware of their matchless provisions of nice service in different hours of need. After these stalls, the line of stalls turned left again and the Chief Guest with other participants turned left. This was the stall of Majma'ah Municipality. There was a stall of Saudi Culture and Conventions. The Prince was offered with Saudi Qahwa and dates in conventional style and pots. It was followed by an exhibition of art work of a Saudi Artist. In the end, the arrangement of stalls turned left again and there were stalls of other departments of Government and religious missionary. Then on the end, the arrangement of stalls made them turn left again and there were stalls for Computer Companies and Industrial College.


After this the Prince directed to the centre. There were stalls of Health and Physical Education. The students on duty checked weight, blood pressure, blood group of the desired participants. There was a stall for blood transfusion too. In the end, the Prince went up the stage in centre and had Photo Session with different people and students. He delivered a short speech and interview for the exhibition too. This was a handsome visit of the Chief Guest in the exhibition and he left the college with a bundle of good wishes,


After this inauguration, the exhibition continued for the whole week till Wednesday the 8th Dul Qada'ah, 1427H for all and sundry. Everyone tried to make his friends visit the exhibition and the visitors got sufficient enough enjoyment, awareness and different sorts of catalogues, brouchers and literature for the stalls. This exhibition made visitors and others understand the pace of development of Saudi Arabia in different walks of life and also aroused a sense of scope of improvement in different sections of society.


On the whole, it was a nice, successful and useful exhibition. It aroused a strange sense of participation and activity in the students. Until now I can't forget these five memorable days of our College exhibition.


Reported by:  Abid/*

18-10-1428H, 09: am

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