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Introduction to English Literature


Class:                         Level-1

Semester:        1st Semester 1428

Course Code:            Najal 181

Course Name: Elements of Literature

Instructor Name: Abid Muhammad Hayat Khokhar

Session:           1428-29 H

Class Timing:           11-12 am  (1,3,5)

Consultation Time: By appointment

Contact Email:

Contact Tel No: +966-507940835


Recommended Books:

  • Dictionary of English Literary Terms- Penguin
  • Practical History English Literature


This course is designed for all English majors. Its subject matter is foundational. It will introduce the students to ideas, concepts, vocabulary and methods of analysis which will be of necessary use in their future English classes. They will become familiar with basic literary forms and the different methods of literary appreciation. The students will also learn how to express their thoughts clearly in speaking and reacting to the different literary forms with understanding. They will further develop their skills in writing about literature. To that end various strategies of analysis and organization will be discussed.

Learning outcomes 

After completing this course the student will be able to:

  1. To familiar with basic literary forms, terminologies and literary appreciation.
  2. Discuss and express various literary movements and trends in English Literature.
  3. Write about literature, kinds of literature, forms of literature and terms commonly use in poetry, prose, drama etc.




Course Detail

Week 1

Introduction and Organization

Week 2

Studying Poetry:

Reading, thinking and writing

O    What is a poem?

O   The poem is specially made object in words.

O   Two ways to talk about poetry.

O   Reading poetry.

O   Puzzlement, interest, and pleasure.

O   Tone


Week 3

 o    Words and Meaning
 o    Looking at words
 o    How poets use words
 o    Metaphors and similes

Week 4

  o   Conceit
  o   Personification

  o  Persona
  o   Exercises

Week 5

o Words and Meaning (cont.) ,C) Symbol
o Images and imagery
o Paradox and ambiguity

Week 6

o Line and rhythm
o Listening to rhythm
o Stanza forms
o Sonnets

Week 7

o The poem as a whole
o First Interim Test

Week 8

Studying Novels:

o What are novels?

o  Novels are specially made-worlds in words

o  How do authors arrange events

Week 9

o Narration: First person
o Narration: second person
o Multiple narration
o Issues in narration

’Exercises: Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” 

Week 10

o Characters
o The making of a character
o Questions on Characterization
o Telling and showing

Week 11

o How characters speak
o The social standing of characters
o The names of characters
o What characters do

Week 12


o Setting
o Questions on setting
o The importance of setting
o Setting the mood of characters
a Setting the personality of characters
o Setting the theme
o Setting the author’s point of view
o Setting and theme: distinctive worlds

Week 13


o Plot and story
o Interest, expectation, surprise and relief
o Knowledge and event
o Stories and plot some distinction
o Plot element
o Plot and past events

Week 14


o Themes
o The importance of themes
o How authors show their interest
o Common themes
o The function of symbols
o Important words

Week 15


o Themes
o The importance of themes
o How authors show their interest
o Common themes
o The function of symbols
o Important words


Assessment Criteria

Final Examinations


Mid term tests




Attendance & Class Participation





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