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Name: Dr. Omar Abdelgabar Mohamed Ahmed

Birth Date: 1959

Nationality: Sudanese


B.Sc (hounurs), Sociology, Khartoum University, 1985

M.Sc. Sociology, Khartoum University, 1991

Ph.D Sociology, Berlin Free  University, 1997







Work Experience:


1985- 1987, Teaching Assistant, Khartoum University

1987- 1990, Research assistant, National Council for Research, Sudan

 1999- 2001, Assistant Professor, Khartoum University


Research and Publications:


1983, Agricultural Labour force In Guneed Sugar Factory, B.A Project.


1984, Migrants In Gamaier Area In Omdurman, Social Characteristics and living Conditions, B.Sc. Project


1988, Eritrean Refugees In Tokar area, a Socio-economic Survey


1989, Household Vulnerability to Famine: Survival and recovery strategies Among Zaghawa and Berti Migrants In Northern Darfur, Sudan.

“The study Examines the survival and recovery strategies of households which migrated to Elfasher during the 1984-85 famine”






1990, Nuba Migrants in Khartoum, Dynamics of Urbanization, Acculturation and Identification, M.Sc Project.

“ The Study Examines the dynamics of urbanization, acculturation and identification among the Nuba migrants ( inhabitants of Nuba Mountains In Southern Kordofan) in Kharoum.”


1997, Mechanized farming and Nuba Peasants< an Example for Non Sustainable Development in the Sudan, LIT Verlag, Hmburg.

“ The Study Examines the sustainability of mechnaised in Habila, Nuba Mountains, Sothern Kordofan as a form of  agriculture and model of development. The study concluded that rainfed mechanised farming in Habila does not at all appear to be a sustainable type of development. This is reflected in that mechanised farming lacks aspects of compatibility between economic compatibility between economic activity and local inhabitants. Mechanised farming lacks elements of fairness and equity in the relation between the Jallaba scheme holders and local inhabitants. It has intensified destructive conflicts over resources between different production systems. It has moreover encouraged the expansion and persistence of the civil war in the Sudan”


7/ 2000, Contemporary Social Theory, Khartoum University Press .” This is a student text book discussing the major contemporary sociological theories”


8/ 2005, A Dictionary of Modern Sociological Concepts, English- Arabic- German. “ this a dictionary containing more  than       sociological concepts in English and German Languages with the  meaning and elaboration in Arabic. It is especially  designed for Arabic speaking students of sociology”


9/ 2006, A Guide for Dissertation Writing, an internet publication at


10/2007, Major Sociological Theorists, an internet publication reviewing the ideas of  the main thinker of the sociological theory including Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Tallcot Parsons and others.

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