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King Saud University

College of Computer and Information Sciences

Department of Information Systems



Course Syllabus

Summer Semester


Instructors: Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi

                       Dr. Mohammed Anwar Hussain

Course Title: Selected topics in information systems

Credit Hours: 3 Hours

Class Time : 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Class Room: Room AG33 Building 31

Please check the new uploaded Project Requiremecxnts  

Course aims

The aim of the materials given this semester is to give the student a theoretical and practical experience on analyzing, designing and constructing OO applications.  Upon the successful completion of this course the student should be able to


1-     Introduce Best Practices of Software Development Process

2-     Describe essential OO concepts.

3-     Define OO SDLC stages.

4-     Describe and Practice the UML techniques

5-     Integrate various stages in the SDLC using UML.

6-     Use a CASE tool supporting the UML to develop real OO applications.

7-     Construct an OO application using an OO programming language (JAVA).


Marks distribution

30 % Mid-Term Exam. (SUN 24/8/2008 H,  6-8 PM)

20 % Projects and Home Works. (Project Submission Wed 27/8/2008)

50 % Final exam.  (according to University Calendar)


Main Text Book

Craig Larman "Applying UML and Patterns, An introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design": Prentice Hall, 1998, ISBN 0-13-748880-7.


Course Contents

Topics covered in this course include the following:







Best Practices


Concepts of OO




Analysis and Design


Usecase Analysis


Class Design


Class Design




 IS 491(2010)

Project-1-UML-tools-10.docProject-1-UML-tools-10عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
IS-491sylla-10.docIS-491sylla-10عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Creating_use_case_diagram.swfCreating_use_case_diagramعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
RoseTutorial - use case.pdfRoseTutorial - use caseعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Quize 1 - 491.xlsxQuize 1 - 491عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Quize 2 - 491.xlsxQuize 2 - 491عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Quiz 3 - 491.xlsxQuiz 3 - 491عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Creating_Sequence_Diagrams.swfCreating_Sequence_Diagramsعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Creating_collaboration.swfCreating_collaborationعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Creating_Class_Diagram.swfCreating_Class_Diagramعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
01course_reg_prob_stmt.pdf01course_reg_prob_stmtعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
04course_reg_uc_model_rpt.pdf04course_reg_uc_model_rptعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
03course_reg_suppl_spec.pdf03course_reg_suppl_specعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
02course_reg_glossary.pdf02course_reg_glossaryعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
CASE Tools Evaluations Criteria.xlsCASE Tools Evaluations Criteriaعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
Project-1-UML-tools-08.docProject-1-UML-tools-08عبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_04_AnalysisAndDesign.ppsT_04_AnalysisAndDesignعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_06_UCAnalysis.ppsT_06_UCAnalysisعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_13_ClassDesign.ppsT_13_ClassDesignعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_01_BestPractices.ppsT_01_BestPracticesعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_02_ConceptsofOO.ppsT_02_ConceptsofOOعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
T_03_Requirements.ppsT_03_Requirementsعبدالله شرف جمعان الغامدى
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