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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

  • Pseudo-Coloring of Gray-Scale Images (in Progress)
  • Process Control Using Programmable Logic Controllers, 6/2007
  • A Programmable Logic Controller for Traffic Intersections, 12/2006
  • Optimization Using Ant Colony Search Algorithms, 12/2005
  • Ant Colony Algorithm Application to the Traveling Salesman Problem , 12/2005
  • Optimization of Neural Network Design and Architectures, 12/2004
  • A Web-Based Teaching Tool for Electrical Engineering, 6/2004
  • Hardware Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controllers, 6/2003
  • Real-coded Genetic Algorithms with Applications, 6/2003
  • Microprocessor Control of Laboratory Scale Prototypes: Application to Traffic Light and Heating Systems, 6/2002
  • Computer Control of a DC Motor Using CASSY LAB and Lab-Views, 5/2002
  • Experimental Modelling and Control of a Laboratory Scale Light Intensity System, 5/2002
  • Modelling and Fuzzy Logic Control of Liquid Level Process of Waste Oil Collection System, 2/2001
  • Hardware Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control to a COM3LAB Process, 12/99
  • Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Dynamic Linearization Feedback, 12/98
  • Economic Dispatch for Power Systems, 6/98
  • Development of Power Flow Program for the Matlab Environment, 12/97
  • Output Feedback for a Multi-Input Multi-Output Airplane Model Using Decoupling Techniques, 12/97
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